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Parenting Styles

How to find your parenting style.

Your parenting style isn’t often something you choose . Parenting styles arise from years of experience between you and your child. Sometimes there are slight disagreements between parents on the ways the child should be parented and sometimes children are subjected to completly different parenting styles.  In most cases, the first time you may notice or question your parenting style is when your kids act up. Perhaps the technique that used to work no longer works, or not as well. Maybe you’ve been parenting off of instinct or emulating the parenting style of your own parents. Is it time to get deliberate and proactive about your parenting style?
“It’s important for parents to go back to: What is it you want to teach your child in this situation? What are your goals?” says Janis Keyser, early childhood specialist and author.
It seems as though there is a new trendy parenting style every day. We broke down some of the most popular parenting styles.

Traditional Parenting Styles


Authoritative parenting is a style ... Read more

Therapist Julie Wright, MFT explains how fostering a secure attachment with your child is about "being" rather than "doing" through the attachment... read more
Arianna Huffington, Editor-in-Chief of The Huffington Post, explains the importance of modeling behavior for your children and teaching by example
Leading relationship expert and best selling-author Dr. John Gray, explains the five key messages of positive parenting for parents to always be thinking about.
Highly educated psychotherapist and author Julie Wright explains what it means to be a mindful parent, especially in moments of stress and frustration. Watch this video... read more
Head of school Percy Abram, PhD, reflects on the challenges he faced with his own parents as he grew up compared to the parenting challenges faced by his own generation... read more
Natalie Hawkins, single mother of Gabrielle Douglas (2012 Olympic All-Around Gymnast Gold Medalist), shares insight on the challenges of raising an Olympic athlete and... read more
Actor Sam Jaeger from NBC's drama series "Parenthood" discusses modern parents desire for perfectionism and what parents can do instead of striving to always... read more
Nationally recognized top mommy blogger Tsh Oxenreider, reflects on her and her family's experience readjusting to American lifestyle after moving back to the United... read more
Dr. Alanna Levine, pediatrician and spokesperson for the American Academy of Pediatrics, discusses how a self-reliant child makes life easier for a parent and shares... read more
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Shefali Tsabary, PhD Clinical Psychologist & Author, shares advice for parents looking to connect better with their children and explains that they should first... read more
Native American Elder and educator Shannon Crossbear shares the importance of raising children in a strong community with parents and older adult role models.
Educator & Author Michael Riera, PhD, explains why it is important for parents to follow their intuition when you are concerned and sense something is "off... read more
Wendy Walsh, PhD Parenting & Relationship Expert, shares advice for parents on how attachment parenting creates a secure, confident, and independent child.
Susan Stiffelman, MFT, explains the six stages that parents can follow to raise their children according to the principles of the attachment parenting theory. These... read more
Therapist Julie Wright, MFT, discusses what secure attachment looks like over time, why it's important to be well attuned to your child's needs, and how this type of... read more
Dr. Alanna Levine, MD, explains her opposition to attachment parenting, and why she believes self-reliant, independent children come from a childhood with less parental... read more
Eco-Mom Marni Ayers explains the benefits of using the attachment parenting method with her family, and how she came to love the attachment parenting style after co-... read more
Suchada Eickemeyer discusses some of the most common misconceptions and myths about attachment parenting, and how she found through her own experience that attachment... read more
Anthropologist and infant sleep expert Dr. James McKenna, PhD, explains the definition of co-sleeping from an anthropological standpoint. What is co-sleeping, and what... read more
How to discipline is key to parents. Disciplining should influence a child's future behavior. Try an "action replay" after misbehavior. Ask them to tell you... read more
Learn more about what attachment parenting means to mom and blogger Suchada Eickemeyer and find out how she implemented this fascinating parenting style to be the best... read more
Well known mommy blogger Suchada Eickemeyer talks about the parenting style that works best for her! Watch this video and find out why she chose attachment parenting and... read more
Brave military spokesperson and activist Staff Sergeant (Ret.) Joey Jones talks about the importance of treating your children as well as authority with respect.
Staff Sergeant (Ret.) Joey Jones takes us through the stresses and challenges of being away from your family while serving in a military zone and what he did to... read more
Podcast host and teacher Todd Adams talks about the common mistakes dads and husbands can make when dealing with discipline issues with their children and how to reflect... read more
Mommy blogger, author, and podcast host Cathy Cassani Adams explains what a self-aware parent is and how parents can apply these traits to raising their children in a... read more
Esteemed speaker, author, and podcast host Cathy Cassani Adams explains how parents can become more positive by focusing on things that they are grateful for, rather... read more
Author, teacher and Co-Founder of Be U, Inc. (a conscious living company), Cathy Cassani Adams, LCSW explains what mindfulness is for parents and how they can use the... read more
Author, entrepreneur & mom Mallika Chopra explains her acronym, SMART, and how parents can use it as a guide to help create goals and take action. Watch this video... read more
Parent educator and family physician Dr. Deborah Gilboa shares her three Rs of parenting: respect, responsible and resilient, and how parents can use these three R's to... read more
Family physician Dr. Deborah Gilboa, popularly known as Dr.G, explains how to encourage respect and privacy in your family by having conversations about nudity if... read more
As a contributor for many nationally recognized media outlets such as CBS morning show, ABC and Fox, Dr. Deborah Gilboa explains how you can have high expectations for... read more
Founder of Changing The Game Project and professional athlete and coach, John O'Sullivan, explains how to have a positive conversation on the ride back home from a game... read more
John O'Sullivan, Founder of Changing The Game Project and former professional athlete, shares advice on what to do if you have a child who is talented in sports and how... read more
John O'Sullivan, Founder of Changing The Game Project, shares advice on how to support a talented child athlete while still keeping them open and respectful about other... read more
Your child wanting to quit a sport may be an unexpected or difficult situation. Watch this video for great advice from John O'Sullivan, founder of Changing The Game... read more
John O'Sullivan, founder of Changing The Game Project, gives parents a greater understanding on the important mindsets that help children succeed in sports and athletics.
What should you say to your child after a game? John O'Sullivan, professional athlete and sports experts shares the five most important words that any parent can say to... read more
Do you know a parent who has a hard time controlling themselves at children's sporting events? John O'Sullivan, Founder of Changing The Game Project, tells parents... read more
Sports expert and educator,John O'Sullivan, explains how parents can maintain healthy relationships with their children while simultaneously being a coach and a parent.
Learn more about the changing the culture of competitive youth sports, as explained by sports expert and educator John O'Sullivan.
John O'Sullivan, founder of Changing The Game Project, a youth sports organization gives you the sporting advice that parents wish they had.
Expert sports educator John O'Sullivan shares some of the possible benefits of early specialization for children in different types of sports and activities.
John O'Sullivan, sports educator and founder of community sports organization, helps parents understand how to make sure they are not being too tough on their kids when... read more
Actress and mompreneur Ali Landry shares advice for parents on how to create a strong co-parenting partnership by have necessary conversations and maintaining a united... read more
Child psychologist Mona Delahooke, PhD shares advice for how to help with your child's development by creating warm and loving environments for them to grow up in.
Development specialist and child psychologist Mona Delahooke explains you as a parent or educator can look at the behaviors of young children as responses to help find... read more
Psychiatrist and associate professor at the UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine, Robin Berman helps parents work with what she calls "a little lawyer" or a... read more

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