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How to keep the romance alive in a marriage

Keeping your romance alive is so important and a lot of working moms have so little time. They're with the kids, they're at work and they're forgetting about their partners. And you don't want to wake up in five years, having completely left your relationship to the wind. You really want to be intentional about how you handle your partner. And I'm a huge believer, from the day your baby is born, you are going on weekly date nights. Your relationship needs that like a car needs gas. It is so important that your having time alone together and that is not problem solving time. You are not allowed to talk about your problems with the baby sitter or a parenting technique. You are only enjoying each other, just the way you did before you had kids. So enjoy each-other, go for a sunset walk and a glass of wine. Go to a new restaurant. The more new experiences you have together, the more your romance will be kept alive. Secondly it is very important to have synchronized sleep schedules. And by that I mean, you and your partner need to go to bed together at the same time every night. Sure, there are going to be exceptions but if you aim to go to bed together at the same time every night, then at-least five nights a week your warm bodies are in bed next to each other and that leads to sex. Having only date night sex means that you are rarely having sex at all. Because, maybe its that time of month or you're not feeling attractive or you ate too much. It's too much pressure to only have date night sex. So you want to make sure that you're going to bed together at the same time every night so you're maximizing your chances of having a good sex life.

Samantha Ettus, MBA, shares advice for parents on ways to keep romance alive in a marriage despite pressures of family and work


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Samantha Ettus, MBA

Lifestyle Expert for Working Moms

Sam is the leading lifestyle and parenting expert for working women. Since earning her undergraduate and MBA degrees from Harvard, Sam has coached thousands of women - celebrities, entrepreneurs, top CEO's and professional athletes - who aim to perform at the highest levels in both their professional and personal lives.

Sam is a bestselling author of four Random House books and a Contributor to Forbes and Disney’s parenting site, Babble. She hosts a nationally syndicated radio show for working moms and the Conference for Women’s monthly radio show, “Office Hours.”

Sam hosted leading online talk show, Obsessed TV and is known for her interviewing skills. She has interviewed countless luminaries from Al Roker to Bethenny Frankel and Mary J. Blige. Sam has made hundreds of local and national TV appearances and is a sought after speaker at corporations, conferences and colleges.

Sam aims to practice what she preaches in her daily life as a mother of three and wife of entrepreneur, Mitch Jacobs. 

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