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The importance of friends in the early days of motherhood

We all have the tendency when we go through the initial shock of motherhood to want to talk about sleep and eating and pooping and after not too long, most of our friends stop caring and wanting to listen. So, it is wonderful and I would even say essential to find out one friend who actually does care. When you start talking about poop, again or a friend you can call when you are breastfeeding, again. For me my best friend, Whitney had her baby 6 months before I did. And I watched everything she did, and it was so interesting, fascinating to watch her go through this transition, and yet i had my baby 6 months later and I was shocked that he needed to eat 3 times a day. So i probably thought 3 times I was hanging out with her were like the 3 times her baby was eating. So i manage to be still surprised to be caught off guard by everything and yet she was really there for me, and she wrote things down and we talked about it and she cared and she listened. That is actually how we started our blog, we brain stormed our ideas together, of ways to get out of the house, to have a baby and to have a life and we came up with a hundred ideas and we thought what if can come up 1 for everyday for our babies first year. So we really came together on that. Anyone who can be a true friend to you during your early days of motherhood help take the pressure off of your spouse and your other friend who stop caring a little while ago, so I hope you can find that.

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Heather Gibbs Flett

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Heather Gibbs Flett co-founded, a website dedicated to helping women have more fun in the first years of motherhood, after discovering how intensely amazing, exhausting, boring, and delightful it was to become a mom. She was a bossy big sister, industrial engineer, and web producer before reinventing herself as a mother blogger. She lives in Berkeley, CA with her husband and three sons. If Heather had any spare time, she would love to travel and see more live music.

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