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Organic food during pregnancy

One of the big questions I get from a lot of clients is do I have to watch out for GMOs during pregnancy. And I always respond, you should be watching out for GMOs, period. A lot of people develop a lot of allergies. And sometimes they think that, well sometimes they just can't figure out why. Part of the problem is our body can't identify a lot of the genetically modified organisms that are in our food supply these days so they do lead to allergies. And of course it's a controversial topic. So I always try to lead my clients away from genetically modified foods. Corn - one of the biggest GMO crops in the United States. Well corn is produced primarily to feed livestock. Soy, same thing. Produced primarily to feed livestock. Yet you find those things in every single processed foods there are on the market. Do they lead to allergies? Do they lead to adverse health effects? Of course they do. And you're not going to hear this in the mainstream. But it's something I feel passionately about. It's something I recommend if possible, if you're going to eat corn or soy, go with organic, because that's the only time you can be sure that the foods you are getting are not genetically modified. Because chances are if you're buying food in the store and it doesn't say organic, you're eating genetically modified organisms to begin with. And why do you want to take that chance with your unborn baby when you don't really have to? It is better to be safe than sorry, so just stay away from it.

Del Millers, PhD, highly acclaimed nutritionist and author discusses why pregnant women should generally avoid genetically modified foods and the effects they can have on you and your baby.


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Del Millers, PhD

Author, Nutritionist

Dr. Del Millers is the founder of and author of eight books on mind-body health and nutrition. A PhD Nutritionist with a Masters degree in psychology, Dr. Del teaches motivation and high performance strategies to busy entrepreneurs and professionals, so that they can make a difference in their lives tomorrow in just ten minutes today.

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