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Parents today are searching for up to date, reliable health information for their families. Kids in the House has met that need with amazing roster of pediatric experts from across the country that parents can easily access on virtually any topic relating to their child's well being. I have only the highest praise for this valuable parent resource and it's free!! - James Varga, MD, FAAP, Tenth Street Pediatrics

There are so many resources readily available online, it's a very daunting and overwhelming task for parents to hop from site to site and try to pool information. I think parents and caretakers will find Kids in the House to be a very useful tool, as it takes information and advice from top experts across a wide variety of topics--from medical to psychological to societal to everyday parents tips--and breaks it down into simple, short easily digestible videos. Leana has done a tremendous job. - Lawrence Ross, MD, Hospital Infection Control Officer and Chairperson of the Infection Control Committee at Children's Hospital Los Angeles and Professor, USC

Kids in the House is a great educational parenting site. It's like having a pediatrician, therapist, favorite author, and best friend living in your WiFi connection. - Brooke Burke-Charvet, TV Host & CEO of