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How to prepare kids for the adult world

Kids in highschool tell themselves when I am 18, I am so out of here. And so they turn 18 and they graduate from highschool, and they leave. They leave for college. They leave to go get their first job. And then millions come back. Now, why do they come home? They are just not ready to face the adult world because we have not taught them how to face the adult world. And honestly we have not taught them to face the adult world. I mean there are hundreds of things they don´t know. 18 year old kids don´t know the basics of life. They don´t know who to call when the plumbing goes bad. I know kids that have called the fire department over a toilet overflowing. They don´t know what to buy at the grocery store. They don´t know nutrition. They don´t know anything about apartment rents. They don´t know anything about car payments. They are not prepared to get insurance. They simply don´t know how to face life because we have taught them how to face life. And so, to unleash these 18 year olds onto the world thinking they are prepared to face the adult world, they are just not. And as parents, we have to do a much better job of preparing them for the adult world. We have to prepare them to get a job. We have to prepare them to hold onto a job. We have to prepare them to get a bank account. We have to prepare them to pay their bills. We have to prepare them to show up to work on time. And until we do that, we just have a bunch of 18 year olds walking around holding up signs Occupy Wall Street.

Best-Selling Parenting Author, Harry H. Harrison Jr., shares advice for parents of teenagers on the best way to help get your child ready for the adult world


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Harry H. Harrison Jr.

Best-Selling Parenting Author

Harry Harrison is the New York Times best-selling author of some of the most well known parenting books in the world.  He has appeared on television shows across the country, been interviewed on over 50 national radio programs including NPR, and is a regular contributor to websites like Dr.,,,, and (a collaboration between Dr. Oz and Dr. Phil).

His books aren’t the normal narrative read, but concise, sometimes hilarious, sometimes poignant chunks of inspiration and advice that parents read and reread over again. He has also written two eBooks directed towards college students to guide and motivate them to earn a college degree.  Mr. Harrison and his wife, Melissa, have raised two incredible sons.

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