Figuring out your child's hair type

Rory Hadley, Blogger & Mom, shares advice for parents on how they can determine their child's type of hair
Parenting Tips | How To Figure Out Your Child's Hair Type
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Figuring out your child's hair type

There’s currently a hair typing system out there. It’s most commonly used. It was created by Andre Walker who was Oprah Winfrey’s hair stylist and it labels hair curl patterns as like a 4a or a 3b. And I find that a lot of newly adoptive parents are attaching themselves to this curl pattern and are placing a lot of importance on it in terms of trying to figure out how to care for their children’s hair. And although it does help to understand what the curl pattern is, it’s not going to help you to find the right products for your child, because things like your hair’s porosity and the weather and how you style the hair that are all going to play a part in picking the right products for your child’s hair. So although the hair typing system I think has filled a need in understanding hair in general, attaching too much relevance to these particular numbers is not going to really help you along in your journey with your child’s hair.

Rory Hadley, Blogger & Mom, shares advice for parents on how they can determine their child's type of hair


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Rory Hadley

Mom & Blogger

Rory is a wife, a blogger, and a transracial adoptive parent of an African American girl, who joined the family through domestic adoption in 2007 at a mere six days old. A self-described tomboy and computer geek, Rory had little knowledge regarding her own hair, not to mention no prior experience with the unique hair and skincare needs of children of African descent. Making it her mission to learn everything that she could, Rory started chronicling her experiences for other parents who have found find themselves in similar situations. Since the launch of her blog, Chocolate Hair / Vanilla Care in 2010, people from all over the world have been able to share in her journey as she demonstrates new hair styles, outlines step-by-step instructions, reviews products, and discusses the many aspects of what it means to be a transracial family in today's world. Rory hopes to continue exploring identity, respect, and empowerment, using hair as a common language.

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