Helping adopted children deal with sadness

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Helping adopted children deal with sadness

There is an intervention that I have created to help a parent connect with their child´s sadness and it´s from my book. And it´s called my sad bag. And this bag provides a container for the child. It provides them with up to 16 coping skills to teach them how to regulate and connect with their own sadness and externalize it, connect with it, express it in a positive manner. So the parent can provide the child with a bag. They write my sad bag on it. They can put tools such as play dough for them to put their sadness into the play dough. They can provide them with papers and pens. Blue is the color that I use for sadness so it can all be blue. Blue paper, blue pen so they can draw pictures about their sadness. A third tool that I use is a tear pillow. The child can create and draw and create their own tear pillow so that they can go to it and cry when they need to. So those are three tools for a parent to provide to their child that can help them regulate their own sadness and help a parent connect and join and provide this opportunity and recognize with their child what their sad feelings are about.

View Jeanette Yoffe, MA, MFT's video on Helping adopted children deal with sadness...


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Jeanette Yoffe, MA, MFT

Adoption & Family Therapist

Jeanette Yoffe earned her master's degree in Clinical Psychology, specializing in children, from Antioch University. She treats children with serious psychological problems secondary to histories of abuse, neglect, and or multiple placements. Jeanette's desire to become a child therapist with a special focus on adopted and foster care issues derived from her own experience of being adopted and moving through the foster care system. She runs a monthly support group called Adopt Salon for all members of the adoption triad in Los Angeles.

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