Tell kids they're adopted

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Tell kids they're adopted

It is critical to tell your child they are adopted because they need to know. It is their birthright. They need to know If they do not know this piece of information, believe me, there is a part of themselves that is missing. There is something underlying that is not clear and confusing; and will cause more pathology in the end. What it will also do; it will interfere with your trust. The trust, that secure attachment that you have developed with your child, will be broken. That child will then believe, "Did everything else that you've told me up to this point in my life, has that been a lie? Has that not been the truth?" You need to tell them as soon as possible, in order to continue to have that trust and connection. Have that secure attachment with your child. We don't want to create further attachment issues. Please, tell your child they are adopted. They need to know.

Learn about: Tell kids they're adopted from Jeanette Yoffe, MA, MFT,...


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Jeanette Yoffe, MA, MFT

Adoption & Family Therapist

Jeanette Yoffe earned her master's degree in Clinical Psychology, specializing in children, from Antioch University. She treats children with serious psychological problems secondary to histories of abuse, neglect, and or multiple placements. Jeanette's desire to become a child therapist with a special focus on adopted and foster care issues derived from her own experience of being adopted and moving through the foster care system. She runs a monthly support group called Adopt Salon for all members of the adoption triad in Los Angeles.

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