How to monetize your parenting blog

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How to monetize your parenting blog

So when you start a blog, you may not originally want to monetize it but eventually you realize that having a blog or a website costs money. And so one of the greatest things you can do is actually have your blog work for you. And one of the easiest ways you can do this is to have ads in the sidebar of your website. How to get an ad can seem overwhelming, but really one of the easiest things you can do is reach out to other bloggers and say hey, do you want to advertise on my site. Pay me a little money. I will give you a few more readers. And it is a win win for both bloggers. Another thing that I did was I actually joined a publishing network that ran ads on the sidebar of my site and introduced me to a whole new world of readers. If you fall into a specific niche of blogging, a lot of these ad companies will market so only certain ads show up on your site. When I was blogging about infertility, I made sure that there were no ads for diapers or baby products on my site. And if you are a food blogger, maybe you want only ads about food. Something else that is great is if you have a brand or there is a company that you really like, reach out to them and say hey, I want to work with you. And maybe something beyond a review. Maybe it is let me write a story about why my family loves your brand of soda and that is very valuable to a company. Your blog is valuable. It is much more valuable for someone to read a story about loving soda than just having somebody say buy soda.

See Dresden Shumaker's video on How to monetize your parenting blog...


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Dresden Shumaker

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Dresden Shumaker blogs at Creating Motherhood, a site she created in 2005 to chronicle her path to single parenthood. She was honored as a BlogHer "Voices of the Year" keynote speaker in 2012. A former Hollywood insider, Dresden now spends her days working in PR and new media for a Philly tech startup and her evenings negotiating with her three year old son about the number of toys he may bring into the bathtub. Dresden is a single mom and lives in a multigenerational home in Philadelphia.  

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