Losing the baby weight

Watch Video: Losing the baby weight by Tom Williams, PhD, ...
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Losing the baby weight

The best way to lose weight after giving birth is the same way to lose weight at any other time of your life. It is to eat right and to exercise. Be careful as to doing it too quickly because it can effect the breast milk that you are producing. One of the best thing about breastfeeding and weight loss is that your metabolism increases 500 calories a day.

Watch Video: Losing the baby weight by Tom Williams, PhD, ...


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Tom Williams, PhD


Tom Williams, the founder of fatburn.com, is a Certified Personal Trainer. He has worked in Santa Monica, CA for over ten years. Tom initially created the first fatburn as a tool to help his clients achieve their weight loss goals. The before and after pictures you see on this website are almost ALL Tom's clients (who used the fatburn system) over the last 12 months. Prior to becoming a personal trainer, Tom was a world class swimmer, winning gold medals and setting records in the Pan American Games, World University Games and U.S. Open in the 50M freestyle. He swam with the U.S team for 6 years. While competing at a world class level, Tom earned a BA in Business & Communications from The University of Iowa. He also coached the Men's Swim Team at The Ohio State University for two years while pursuing his PhD in Counseling Psychology.

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