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Elizabeth Pantley is a parent educator, mother of four, and the author of the now-classic baby sleep book, The No-Cry Sleep Solution, as well as six other books in the series, including The No-Cry Separation Anxiety SolutionThe No-Cry Potty Training SolutionThe No-Cry Discipline Solution, The No-Cry Picky Eater Solution, plus other successful parenting books. She is known worldwide as the practical, reasonable voice of respectful parenting.

teaching our children positive self-talk
Many children get into the habit of negative self-talk. This internal dialogue can cause children stress and anxiety and it can make them focus on possible disasters such as… What if I hate my new teacher? What if I get hurt and no one is there to help me? What if something bad happens to Daddy while he is away?
the magical naptime hush hour
Naps can be beneficial to children of all ages, but unfortunately your child won’t always agree. If you child has not been napping often enough, you probably have a fussy child who is prone to tears and tantrums later in the day. Of course, you want to try for regular naps, but a great alternative is a Hush Hour that provides rest time for children, to eliminate the fussies.
Parents of Picky Eaters - You're Not Alone
Parents sometimes believe the myth that children should want to eat healthy meals each and every day. That they should happily eat vegetables, turn down junk food, and beg for fresh fruit. Of course, if you have a young child, you’ll understand that this myth is simply wishful thinking.
lights affect your child's sleep
Our ancestors lived in a world where they woke up and went to bed with the sun; however, electricity has changed how we live our lives without necessarily changing our biology.
Many parents get caught up in day to day routines and the never-ending task of teaching their children and lose some important opportunities to model and teach respect.
As with any parenting issue, there are plenty of strategies and recommendations when it comes to the right approach to potty training. Should you throw a potty party with prizes, songs and dancing? Or should you take a reserved approach and simply acknowledge that your child has done well? What’s the best way to encourage potty training success, so that you can move on from all things diapers?
Learning your baby’s unique sleep signals is one of the first steps towards encouraging healthy sleep. When you can recognize your baby’s sleep cues, then you will be able to put her down to sleep as soon as she becomes tired. Your baby does not understand her own sleep needs so she is dependent upon you to decipher them for her.
It is amazing experience to watch your toddler grow and change on a daily basis, but it is hard to know if their progress is typical or if you should be concerned. This post will give you a handy checklist of toddler development and milestones. Unique yet Similar Patterns
Don’t think about your breathing – in through your nose, and out. Taking a nice deep breath. Don’t think about breathing. More than likely, you are now thinking about your breathing! Despite being complex human beings, the simple mention of something puts it front and center in our brains. Our brain ignores the “don’t” and focuses on the actionable part of the sentence. This effect is multiplied in a child’s brain, because they are so accustomed to listing to an adult’s instructions.  
The Importance of Taking Time for Yourself
Parents take on many different tasks each and every day. They are constantly busy and always feeling stressed. Having the stress of tending to their children’s needs, pressure at work, and responsibilities at home leaves little time for themselves. Parents struggle to focus on self-care, which means that they don’t eat right, they don’t exercise, and they don’t get enough sleep.
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