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Tech-free Activities for your Kids this Summer
School is officially out for the summer, and you’ve got roughly two months of kids at home to think about. Kids these days have so much technology at their fingertips, it’s hard to break them away from it. Television, computers, tablets, cell phones, video games — this generation of kids has more tech access than any previous generation. With this constant access, technology is having a significant impact on children, much of which can be viewed as negative.
Kids' First Move
Moving is never an easy task for anyone. There are so many things to do and keep track of that there’s no time to really take a break and relax. But however stressful you feel it is for you, it’s a whole different kind of stress for your children. While you might see a move as a necessity and even something to look forward to, your child is worried about leaving behind their home, their school, their friends, and the comfort of familiarity.
teens and smartphone use
Parents through the ages have had one consistent thing in common - worrying about the safety and well-being of their kids. The sources that bring about those concerns, though, have varied widely, especially in the last 100 years with technology advancing as fast as it has. Even in the last 10 years, technology has changed so much with the creation and overwhelming success of the first iPhone (and subsequent other smartphones) and smart devices created since.
Choosing to homeschool your children is a choice that comes with a lot of weighing of pros and cons. It’s also fueled with very strong opinions for and against it. Even if you feel strong in your choice, there is always that thought in the back of your mind “are my kids missing out on certain experiences they can only get in school?”
Parents of high school seniors know it’s not only the holiday season right now, it’s college application season as well. Students across the country are looking at colleges to send their applications to and are rushing to take SATs and ACTs. Many parents and teens automatically look into brick and mortar schools, but there is a whole other style of college you and your teen might look into - online education.
As a parent, you have surely encountered the hot topic of the dress code in your children’s schools. Most schools have free dress with a list of guidelines - guidelines that are often ignored or hard to enforce, and particularly hard to buy for. Since school dress codes are hard to enforce due to personal interpretations by parents, students, and staff, it would be smart for schools in America to move towards implementing school uniforms in public schools. While there are arguments against school uniforms, the positive aspects surrounding school uniforms can outweigh the negatives.
October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Statistics show that 1 in 8 women will develop breast cancer in their lifetime, so it’s a very serious issue to be informed of. As a mom, you want to be around for your children’s lives for as long as possible, so it’s important to know what you might be up against on the health front. Since breast cancer is so common, you’ll want to know how you can prevent breast cancer, or at least catch it early.
education alternatives for teens
Everyone wants their child to be successful. Even in the delivery room, you probably had thoughts in the back of your mind of your child attending an elite university and attaining some prestigious degree that will lead to a high paying job. But the reality is, despite your best hopes and dreams, there is a very real chance that your kid won’t want to attend college. As school gets more difficult in junior high and high school both academically and socially, your teen might start thinking that traditional higher education isn’t what they want to do after high school.
kids benefit from team sports
Sometimes it seems like kids these days are glued to electronic devices. Whether it’s a tablet, cellphone, television, or video games, they always seem to be connected to something that’s not human. This isolation and lack of human interaction can undoubtedly hurt the social skills of a developing young mind. Social skills are vital to future success in the adult world. From making friends, making connections, competing for job positions, and being focused and involved at work, it’s important that your kids have the social skills necessary to succeed later in life.
japanese food for children, bento box, homemade, fun food, school lunches
Something always on the minds of parents is nutrition. You want to make sure your kids are getting all of the nutrients they need, but it’s not always clear what that entails. New nutritional guidelines help by suggesting portion sizes and diet styles, but even if you can apply these at home, you can’t always guarantee your kids will be getting the same nutrition and education at school.
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