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Neuroeducational Consultant Noel Foy, aka Neuro Noel, is a former classroom teacher and Learning Specialist whose mission is to empower teachers, parents, students and athletic coaches with practical ways to decrease stress and boost learning, executive function, engagement, metacognition, performance and a growth mindset. She is the founder of AMMPE and Author of A.B.C. Worry Free, a children’s book that provides an actionable approach to managing anxiety and includes tips for educators and parents.

Noel's trainings, workshops and speaking engagements incorporate key Neuroscience findings and specialize in building underdeveloped skill sets and mindsets needed to set and reach goals—including how to organize, prioritize, self-monitor, regulate emotions, build cognitive flexibility and elicit positive self-talk. 

Parenting Language and Approach
Kids learn more from our examples than any lecture. This includes how we communicate, face obstacles, manage anxiety and accept feedback. This can be challenging on a “good day,” never mind during a pandemic. If there were ever a time when kids are looking to parents for ways to process and interpret the uncertainty and fear associated with the current health crisis, it’s now. If there were ever a time when parents needed information and support to help them do just that, it’s now.
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