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Rabbi Sherre Hirsch is a mother of four, author, speaker, TV personality, teacher and the spiritual life consultant for Canyon Ranch.  After eight years at Sinai Temple in Los Angeles, she stepped out from behind the formal podium to share her message in all kinds of pulpits from The Today Show to a small baptist church in Alabama.  She published her first book, We Plan, God Laughs: What to Do When Life Hits You Over the Head in 2008; her second book will be published in early 2013. Rabbi Hirsch spends her free time practicing yoga, baking brownies and playing freeze dance with her husband and children.

By Friday night, our family is kaput. After a week of tests, activities, meltdowns and more, all I can do is sit my kids on the sofa, turn on a movie, and wait for the sun to set. When it does, our Jewish Shabbat, our 25-hour day of rest, begins with the lighting of the candles, the prayers over the wine, bread, and the celebratory meal.


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