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10 Completely Original Ideas for Hosting a Stellar Baby Shower in 2020

Baby Shower in 2020

When someone special in your life announces they're expecting a new baby, you're bound to be thrilled. But then, if you've been given the task of hosting the big baby show, the job can begin to feel overwhelming. With the theme, invitations, decorations, and games to plan, there's certainly a lot to consider.

If you’re struggling to come up with some mind-blowing ideas to make the baby shower an event to remember, you’ve come to the right place. With 4 million new babies being welcomed into the country every year, you may feel like every single baby shower idea has been done. Here are ten totally unique ideas for 2020 that will make this baby shower go down in history.

A day-long extravaganza

For a truly memorable baby shower, why not break the mold and go for a day-long adventure with the mom-to-be and her closest friends? This will be the baby shower that keeps on giving.

Start with a brunch (no need to rise at the crack of dawn!), then move on to an activity. This could be a baby-related game or a trip to a local spa. Try to think of an activity the expectant mom will love, but make sure to avoid anything too physically demanding.

After your big activity, surprise her with dinner at one of your homes. This will be a great time to open presents, play a few more games, and relax after a busy day.

Make sure you only plan a day-long event if you know the new mom is up for it. Pregnancy can be physically and emotionally draining, so be careful not to exhaust her! This is a great baby shower idea for a friend who's in the first or second trimester.

Choose a surprise location.

Some expectant moms aren't too fond of surprises when it comes to their baby shower. Walking into a room full of people with no make-up and messy hair is probably not their idea of a great start to their baby shower. No need to surprise her with the party, but you can still host the event at a surprise location.

When picking a spot, think about the places she has always wanted to visit. Maybe it's a local spa or fancy restaurant, or perhaps she'd prefer a quaint cottage weekend getaway. Whatever you choose, be sure to give her a few hints regarding the dress code and necessary items.

Children's book-themed party

There are thousands of baby shower theme ideas floating around on the Internet, so it's hard to find one that doesn't feel like a cliché. A simple but adorable idea is to base the party around a favorite children's book. Choosing a theme will help you narrow down the decorations, food, and games, so once you've selected the book, everything should fall into place.

You could opt for a Dr. Seuss theme with whimsical, cartoon-esque decorations. Or, you could try Alice in Wonderland, and transform your party space into a mystical forest while serving food and drinks with ‘eat me’ and ‘drink me’ labels. Another great option is Peter Pan. Your guests can dress up as lost boys, pirates, or mermaids. Before your friend has to grow up and become a mother, let her have one last childish party.

Whatever you choose, create a guestbook using a hard copy version of the book and replacing its pages with blank pages. This will become a treasured keepsake for your friend in the years to come.

There are plenty of wonderful children’s books out there. Do some digging to find out what some of the new mom’s favorites were as a child. By theming the party around one of her old favorites, you’ll make her feel both nostalgic for her past and excited for her baby’s future.

Matching baby shower logo

If you decide against a dress-up party, it’s still worth creating a special logo for the guests to wear on their shirts. This can be especially fun if you’re all heading out on the town.

If you haven’t got a background in drawing or graphic design, try to enlist the help of a friend or use a cheap online service. Here are some tips from professionals on how to make an eye-catching logo.

If you have a design or a 'baby shower logo,' it's easy to get it printed onto a shirt. At, you can get a set of identical shirts at an affordable price. You could even print this logo on the tablecloth, the decorations, and party favors.

Using a homemade baby shower logo will make your event feel grown-up, sophisticated, and well-planned. The mom-to-be will love how official her baby shower feels! Plus, all of your guests will have a few souvenirs to take home with them.

Pass out some polaroids.

These days, most events are captured on smartphones. The pictures end up scattered across Instagram and Facebook, or in some cases, are never seen again. Most moms leave their baby shower with a few group shots and not much else.

For this event, try passing out a few polaroid cameras to the guests. The pictures are developed instantaneously, and the guest of honor can pick her favorites to keep then and there. You could even bring along an empty photo album for the polaroids and send the new mama home with her very own keepsake.

By providing the guests with polaroids, the entire event will feel more relaxed and fun. Every photo will become important, and people will be discouraged from constantly looking at their phones.

Collaborate with the grandma-to-be.

As the saying goes, "Mother knows best." No one knows the new mom like her own mom. If you can collaborate with your friend's mother before the event, you're sure to get some excellent tips on how to throw a baby shower she will love.

Ask her mom about her favorite foods, her allergies, and her favorite party as a child. You could even ask for a few photos of her as a baby, and use these as cute decorations or as a prop in a game.

Reach out to distant friends.

Most people have a few close friends who no longer live close by. If you know of any distant friends who won't be able to make it to the baby shower, try to organize a Skype call or a pre-recorded message from them. If she has a few expat friends, cut together a video montage of their messages along with one of her favorite songs. She will love seeing their faces on her special day.

Create a "real" shower.

This one might be a little tricky to pull off. If you're into DIY, try making a "shower" of falling confetti using a string and a lever system. You might also be able to find a ready-made one at the party section in your local store.

If you're planning to surprise your friend, having a shower of confetti come pouring down during the surprise will make the moment truly magical. Plus, it's a baby shower, after all!

Plan a weekend away.

Go above and beyond and plan an entire weekend getaway for your friend and her guests. Book a cottage in the country where you can all relax, play games, and catch up. Try to plan a few meals and activities, so the whole weekend isn't too carefree. Make sure there's a specific time planned for the presents and the baby games.

Make a time capsule for the baby.

Plan an activity during the baby shower to make a time capsule for the new baby to open when they’re older. Include newspaper clippings, pictures of the event, and other baby shower keepsakes. Just because he or she hasn’t been born yet, it doesn’t mean they can’t be involved in the shower.

This is a great gift to give the expectant mother as she will love to remember her fun day in years to come when she helps her son or daughter find and open the time capsule. It will be wonderful for the child to feel connected to this past version of his or her mother.

Final Thoughts

Baby showers take a lot of brainstorming and a lot of planning. Finding yourself saddled with the task of throwing one of these events can feel overwhelming and stressful. Start by thinking about what the mom would like best. After all, the event should be for her, not for you.

Try to go above and beyond by making the event as smooth and professional as you can. Put yourself in the shoes of a professional event planner and think, "What would she do?" Make sure your plans are detailed and precise to avoid anything going wrong.

Most importantly, have fun. A baby shower should be an opportunity for an expectant mother to relax with her closest friends and celebrate the imminent arrival of her newest family member. By planning the event with her tastes and preferences in mind, you can’t go wrong.