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4 Ways Non-Traditional Side Gigs Can Become A Career

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If you need some additional funds or only looking to replace your job with some control over your workday, a side hustle may be for you. 

Depending on your background, interests, and the amount of time you have available to pursue your side hustle, you can find something that meets your interests with your availability and talents. The “gig economy” is replacing the traditional workplace for many, and it may be a solution for your needs. 

The term “gig economy” is used to define the type of work performed and its pay. 

For example, if you are a graphic designer doing gig work, you’d perform a client project and get paid by the piece as you complete each one. As more and more people and businesses begin to rely on the gig economy model, there are some detractors. 

The nay-sayers claim that the gig economy increases job insecurity, lowers pay, and fewer benefits from the piece-meal work model. Others, however, see a gig economy as a way to boost their income streams while granting them more direct control over the types of work and timelines that they perform their work. 

People who explore using side gigs should understand that not every job is equal in pay, the time needed to perform the tasks, and possible expenses that may cut into your earnings. 

Delivery Apps As A Form Of Income

For many, a side gig such as driving for DoorDash, PostMates, and Uber Eats allows for the flexibility of controlling your schedule while working as a delivery driver to bring restaurant foods to people in their homes and offices. There are a few problems to consider before leaving your job and making one of these services your sole-income. 

To start, you need a car or some other vehicle. In some cities, it may be easier to use a motorcycle, bike, or scooter, but having a car to use is crucial for many areas. 

Second, you have overhead expenses such as gas, registration (annually), and car insurance. In some states, such as California, car insurance can be costly (and why is car insurance so expensive in California anyway?), and these costs do take away from your profit. 

Third, each of these apps charges a fee on the restaurants, the users, and drivers. Check with the terms of use for the delivery app, but typically there’s a small percentage they take from the driver’s total pay, whether they determine it on a per-mile basis or even from the tips received. There is some hidden cost associated with working these side-hustles. 

Alternative Ways To Make Extra Money

If you’re hesitant to join a delivery service, there are plenty of alternatives in the gig economy. You can sell items on craigslist, personal crafts on Etsy. Small businesses may need a bookkeeper or social media manager for their business, do individual tasks and errands, and many more. 

  1. Examples of other side gigs that you can get started with today include:
    Become an online tutor: Some services cater to remote learning, and they are always in need of tutoring help. and Chegg are some of the leaders in the industry.

  2. Write an eBook: A few years ago, self-publishing was reasonably simple to produce and see some income. Today it’s a little more complicated, but in general, you can take some area you have the expertise, write it, package it as an eBook and offer it as a download anywhere you may think your audience is hanging out.

  3. Have a garage sale or yardsale: Unload the stuff sitting around your house and sell it. You can also shop around at local thrift stores, clean it, and sell it for a small profit. 

  4. Become a freelance specialist: Have a background in design, an interest in photography, or a degree in English? Consider using your hobbies and skills as a freelancer. You can join job boards or pitch to potential clients. This process may take more time than joining a gig economy job like driving for Amazon, but your earnings are limited only to the number of clients you can find and the hours you have to deliver your services. 

A side hustle’s goal is to make some additional money, whether to enhance your income or replace it altogether. Just be aware that not every gig is equal to another. Some have higher profitability than others, while some gigs are easier to get up and making money sooner than others. Based on your skills, background, and interests, the choice is yours.