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5 Self-Care Tips for Parents

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Every parent carefully prepares for the arrival of their baby - preparing equipment for the baby, buying a stroller, preparing the baby's room, crib, etc. However, most parents no longer think about what will happen when the baby is born. What does such a life with a baby actually look like? What does one do all day?

Even though practically everything on maternity is about the baby, this time we'll start with the moms and their everyday worries.Mothers often complain about the lack of "me time", the lack of self-care time. Their physical condition and their postpartum figure, which do not exactly boost their self-esteem.

So, how do you find time for self-care as a busy parent?

No need to do anything complicated. Just follow our five steps of realistic self-care for parents - you'll feel reborn.

What are 5 examples of self-care?

  1. Create your morning ritual

First thing first. Don't just think about the baby, but try to make yourself feel good. 

Create a morning ritual that you stick to every morning. Whether it's at 7am when your child is still asleep or at 11am before lunch. Set aside a few minutes for the activities you want to do for yourself each morning. 

Just as you brush your teeth every morning, incorporate other activities that will make you feel more like a human being. This could be an ice shower (amazing for boosting your immune system) and skin care. It could be putting makeup on and styling your hair, or a short morning yoga session.

  1. Don't be afraid to ask for help

Once your baby is old enough that you don't have to spend every minute of the day with him, use the babysitting power of grandparents or get the baby monitor.

Don't be afraid to ask for help even in situations when you don't necessarily need babysitting, but just want a moment to yourself - or a moment with your partner.

In most cases, grandparents are happy for any moment spent with their grandchild, so it's a shame not to take advantage of it. However, if you have no one to rely on, you can download the best baby monitor app and avoid having to check on your child every minute.

As a result, you gain time that you can use however you like. You can use it for any of the other tips mentioned in our article, or you can just mindlessly stare at the wall - in nobler words: "meditate". Even the omnipresent silence is, in fact, extremely healing on maternity leave.

  1. Go for exercise/swimming for babies

There are plenty of classes for parents with young children to develop movement skills. Swimming for babies has gained considerable popularity among parents. You and your baby can take part in swimming lessons from the age of 6 months.

Swimming lessons bring several benefits to your life. Firstly, you will develop your baby's motor skills in a pleasant way, he will learn to swim at an early age and you will not have to worry about your baby in the future if he falls into a deep pool.

But at the same time, you will also get some exercise at swimming lessons. And if you love the water, it will be an unforgettable experience for all of you and later on, perhaps, a shared


  1. Meet other mums

If you have lots of friends on maternity leave around you to spend time with and share feelings with - perfect! However, you may also find yourself in a situation where you are the first of your group of friends to expect a baby or vice versa - your friends have grown-up babies.

You want and need to share your current feelings about the baby with someone who understands you fully. So don't hesitate to get new friends. Motherhood is a wonderful opportunity for dating.

You can use some of our previous tips to make new contacts (swimming for babies or exercise for mums with babies) or take advantage of the modern age and meet online. You can join various interest groups on Facebook and in internet discussions.

  1. Don't forget your hobbies

Whether your hobby is the mentioned sport or anything else, don't put it completely aside after giving birth. Set aside some time during the week to play a musical instrument, bake or play a computer game. Whatever was fun and fulfilling before the baby will surely be fun with the baby too and will be a great way to unwind while you're on maternity leave.

If your hobby can't be done from home, get a babysitter or the child's father involved and take a bike ride or a trip to the mall alone to shop for clothes.

Whatever makes you happier and more content will ultimately make your child happier as well.

Why self-care is important for parents?

The importance of self-care for parents has been increasingly discussed recently. But why? Why is it important to have self-care time for yourself with young children?

Many women feel they have to be perfect at everything. Have a polished home, a three-course lunch and be successful at work. When they become mothers, they just keep on doing it, only with the addition of childcare.

There are so many responsibilities around children and home that there is simply no room for self-care time. When a child happens to be asleep, it's not an opportunity for them to devote themselves, but a chance to get on with the housework.

However, the never-ending round of responsibilities takes its toll over time. The perfect mother becomes tired, irritable and nervous, and it is those closest to her who suffer the most. Frustration sets in. She is actually tired of her own life, lacking perspective and ease of being.

That's why self-care is important for parents. 

Find time for yourself! Either with your favorite activity or by spending time with friends. Both will reduce your stress levels. You'll relax, your mood will improve, and you'll look forward to seeing the kids again. You'll be happier, and more creative, and nothing will just make you mad.