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5 Things To Do To Plan For Your Move

family moving houses

Moving house is always stressful – anyone who’s done it a few times can tell you that without a doubt. This is why it’s a good idea to start making plans early to avoid unnecessary stress and moving mishaps. Thinking ahead and some careful planning is all it takes to get the ball rolling and make your move a simple and sweet process. If you’re feeling overwhelmed already and not sure where to start, here are a few important things to plan out your move.

Make a Checklist

First of all, things are always easier when you make a list. Start thinking about everything that needs to get done in between the present moment and your moving date. You can even ask friends for advice or look online for moving checklists so you don’t forget everything.

Write it all down in a note on your phone so you have an easy reference for everything you need to get done in the next few weeks.

Create a Budget

A top priority to take care of as early as possible is creating a moving budget. We all know that a move can be expensive. From moving companies to buying new décor to spruce up the place, there are plenty of costs involved and you’ll want to be prepared for everything.

Include all the basics in your moving budget, and don’t forget to make room for temporary housing if you’ll need it and even some cash for takeout. If you’re moving far away, you’ll also want to compare car shipping companies to find the best deals and save where you can on transporting your vehicle.

Take Measurements

You’ll definitely want to take measurements before you start moving, and it’s best to do so before you even start looking for a new place. Having measurements of all your furniture will help you determine whether or not it will all fit comfortably in that place you’re looking at.

You can also take measurements of your new home before moving in. this will allow you to plan out your furniture placement so that moving in is a breeze and nobody needs to play Tetris with the sofa.

Go Shopping

There’s no harm in going out and doing some shopping before your moving date. If you can already tell that there are a few items you’ll need to fill in the gaps, a new set of curtains to fit that extra room or even a rug to cover up those tiles you don’t really love, get it done ASAP.

Waiting until you’ve already moved in will only add pressure to an already busy weekend.

Create a Schedule

It’s always helpful to follow a week-by-week schedule for a big event like a move. A good idea is to take the checklist that you’ve already created, and sort those tasks in order of when (and how urgently) they need to get done.

Giving yourself a schedule to work with will help you stay on top of things while you’re still juggling normal life – work, kids and household chores don’t all stop just because you have a move coming up.