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6 Reasons Why You Should Solve Your Sleep Problems Today

 Sleep Problems

As a busy mom, good, restful sleep is vital. However, for a variety of reasons, you may not be getting the quality of sleep you need. Perhaps you’re being woken up several times a night by a young infant or energetic child, which you could remedy by trading off each night with your partner.

Or maybe you wake up after a few hours of sleeping and find that you just can’t shut your brain off from spewing out ideas for work projects. In this case, maybe a sleeping pill or an herbal relaxation remedy would be a good solution to help you get back to sleep faster.

Or maybe your mattress is lumpy and you just can’t seem to get comfortable. In this case, all you have to do is visit some mattress stores in the area where you live to find a better, more comfortable mattress that can help you get the sleep you need.

The bottom line is that whatever the reason is for your lack of good sleep, it’s time to solve it. Being able to get several hours of quality sleep every night is more important than you may think. Adults need seven to nine hours of sleep on average. Although you may be scraping by on less, plentiful deep sleep is what your body and brain need to recover from hectic days.

Here are just a few reasons why quality sleep is something to strive for:

1.  Your Mood May Change

Although you may feel like you should be happy and bright and ready to take on the world, not getting enough sleep can make your mood plummet to a place you don’t enjoy. Even if you don’t actively feel drowsy, you may be more irritable or even feel depressed when running on too few hours of sleep -- or even several hours of bad quality, light sleep. But a poor mood doesn’t just stop with you. Being in a sour mood can spill over into other areas of your life and affect your relationships with others, too.

2.  Your Driving May Be Influenced

As a mom, driving your kids to school, lessons and appointments and picking them up all is exhausting enough when you’re well rested. You might also have a commute in the mornings and afternoons to get to and from work. But without a restful night’s sleep under your belt, your risk of drowsy driving increases and you are more likely to end up in an accident.

3.  You May Gain Weight

When lacking the sleep you need, you can often start craving unhealthy foods. The lure of the fast-food drive-thru, which is a quick and easy solution at mealtimes, is often difficult to avoid. And too many calorie-laden and fat-filled meals can have you packing on the pounds.

4.  Your Attention Span and Concentration Will Suffer

When your brain doesn’t receive adequate rest, it will find it difficult to take in any form of new information. You may find yourself unable to concentrate at work or asking your friends and family to repeat themselves several times before you can properly comprehend what they’re saying to you. Not being able to concentrate or pay attention well can lead to various other issues if they become a pattern.

5.  Your Memory Will Be Weak

If you’re allowing the quality of your sleep to suffer by waking up several times a night to leave yourself memos on your to-do list, you could be causing your memory to suffer. Without quality sleep, you may not even remember to take your list with you when you leave the house the next morning. Even worse, all of those things you remembered in the night may be just beyond your reach the next day when you’re not as well rested as you should be. Maybe it would be best to sleep through the night and update your list in the morning.

6.  You Could Become Indecisive

Making decisions will never be more than when you’re running on much less sleep than you need. For example, if your boss asks you what scenario you think your team should go with, you may back and forth between them and unable to pick because you’re too worn out to think clearly. Or worse, you could make the wrong decision that you know you never would have picked with a healthy, rested mind. People will appreciate you not wasting their time with indecisiveness or making the wrong choice in an important situation, so long as you get that well needed, well deserved sleep.

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