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How to Create a Fitness Routine that Works: Mom Edition

fitness for parents with kids

Developing a sustainable fitness routine can be an uphill task for a busy mom because it takes a lot of energy, planning, and time between taking care of children, working, and managing a household. However, it is not impossible. Contrary to what many moms fear, exercise does not drain you of your little precious energy. Instead, exercising boosts your energy and may help you keep active for longer.

With a plan in place, you will find the time and have an idea of precisely what to do at that time. Here is how you can create a plan that works and is hard to resist.

Have a Vision

Your vision should be your motivating factor. While writing it down on paper, figure out why exercise is essential to you, how it makes you feel, and what you hope to achieve through regular exercising. Reminding yourself of why you started and why you need to keep on will motivate you when you don't feel like working out. Find a vision that focuses not on the weight you want to lose or gain but on how you want to feel. This vision will light a spark inside you and have you on your feet moving.

Plan When You'll Workout

Set aside specific times in your planner when you'll work out. That way, it feels like an appointment that you have to keep. Unlike before the kids, you probably don't have time for a long-sweaty workout; you have to rethink and be more deliberate when planning your workout times. Do not be overambitious; 30 minutes of moderate physical every day is enough. Also, be creative and slot in your workout:

  • Before the kids wake up.

  • After the kids go to sleep or when they are down for their daytime naps.

  • At the playground as the kids run around.

  • During regular family walks.

As you plan, have in mind the type of physical activity you want to do and slot it at an appropriate and convenient time.

Involve the Kids

Your babies do not need to be an excuse for being unfit. Instead, make them part of your fitness routine. Luckily, kids love to move, so working out will not only make sure you are all active but also, it is a perfect bonding activity with them. Another thing is that there are thousands of ways you can include them in your fitness routine. You can start with baby-wearing workouts at home or with other moms. Then alter the activities with every stage of motherhood and involve them in age-appropriate physical exercise. It also means adjusting your workout times to the family routine as well.

Find a Community

Doing it alone, and without anyone to support you or fall back on makes it harder to keep up with your fitness and nutrition journey. Have a community ready to walk the journey with you to the end. That could be your husband, other neighborhood moms, an online community, or a close friend. You can also seek the help and advice of a fitness trainer. Most times, accountability, discipline, support, and sharing your struggles and successes will empower you to keep moving.

Be Easy on Yourself

A mom's life is quite unpredictable. On some days, the kids might be sick, you may be fatigued, or need to put in extra work hours. It is okay; avoid giving these hurdles the momentum that can make you drop exercising. Don't beat yourself up for missing a day of exercise. Keep in mind that the goal is to take care of yourself and do the best for you. So, do not compare yourself to others.

Make Lifestyle Changes

On days that you cannot work out, eating a healthy plant-based diet could do so much good to your body. Eating healthy and adding more fruits and veggies to your diet will stabilize your diet. And if you are breastfeeding, your baby is getting fit along with you. It also provides you with a chance to keep on track with exercise and help you feel more energized. Staying fit involves more than exercise. Therefore, start managing your stress levels by indulging in meditation and yoga practices. Also, keep your alcohol intake low and make sleep a priority as it directly impacts your overall health.

In closing, it's worth mentioning the following. While the suggestions in this article will help you get into better shape, there are also many products, tips, and tricks to help you feel better about yourself while you're in the process, such as control top underwear and creative layering of your outfits. While it's important to exercise for its many health and emotional benefits, you shouldn't hold yourself to an idealized, air-brushed ideal of what a woman should look like. Be happy and comfortable in your own skin. Know that you are beautiful and amazing just as you are. And know that, to the little ones who look up to you, you're the absolute standard by which all women everywhere will be held, always and forever.