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Is Surrogacy Right For You? Know The Pros And Cons

surrogacy pregnancy pros cons

Surrogacy is a beautiful thing. It provides a way for couples who are unable to conceive to have a child of their own, and it also gives women the opportunity to help others have children. Thinking of being a surrogate mother is a serious choice to consider, and there are some pros and cons of surrogacy that everyone needs to know.

1) Surrogacy Requirements

Not every woman can be a surrogate mother and that depends on a number of requirements. Before you consider the pros and cons of it, you should go through all of the surrogate requirements to see if you're a good fit. First, you need to be between 21 and 35 years old. You also have to be in good mental and physical health. In addition, you have to lead a healthy lifestyle which means that you cannot consume tobacco or alcohol. There are more requirements so be sure to check them all. Surrogacy agencies want to make sure that the surrogate mother is in prime health to carry a baby.

2) Money

The surrogate mother is compensated for all the time and effort that goes into carrying a baby. The compensation is not just a one-time deal either. If you successfully carry a baby to term, then you are paid each month throughout the pregnancy as well as after the birth of the child. In addition, some women choose to be their own agents and find their own clients. If you can do that, then you set your own compensation for yourself. Surrogacy is usually paid well so this is definitely a pro for it.

3) Fulfilling Experience

Being a surrogate mother means that you will help provide the best gift in the world to another couple. It is the gift of life and that's what makes it a fulfilling experience.  You are giving up nine months of your body to carry their baby, but in exchange, you know that you helped make a family! This is definitely something worth having on your pros list.

4) Legal Protection

In this process, both parents and a surrogate have to sign a legal document. It states that all parties agreed to the surrogacy and details what is expected of each person. The contract typically lists how much money will be given, when it will be paid, and things of that nature. This means that you're legally protected if anything doesn't go by the plan, so this can go on the pros side.

5) Emotional Experience

Surrogacy is truly an emotional experience. Being a surrogate mother means that you will be going through so many changes throughout the nine months of pregnancy. You have to prepare your body and mind for it, and this is a process that takes time. Once you are pregnant, your hormones will be all over the place. You have to get used to being pregnant while still living your normal life. Emotionally, it can be a lot to handle so it's both on the pros and cons list. It can be a beautiful experience for one person, while it might not be for another one, for example, someone who's not emotionally stable.

6) Risks

Being a surrogate mother also means that you have to deal with certain risks. There can be complications during pregnancy, and there can be unexpected situations as well, such as different kinds of infections that can affect both the surrogate mother and the baby. While there's a small chance of that happening, this might be on your cons list. But the good news is that being a surrogate mother comes with health insurance coverage, which lessens some of the burden associated with any risky situation.

7) Stigma

Being a surrogate mother also comes with some stigma. Some people think that it's bad to be pregnant and carry another woman's child, especially if the couple is not married. While there isn't anything wrong with carrying someone else's baby for nine months or getting paid for it, you will have to deal with people who don't understand. But the good thing is that attitudes of people towards surrogacy are becoming more and more positive every day. Before going on the surrogacy journey, ask yourself if you can handle this. If the answer is yes, then this shouldn't be on your cons list.

Surrogacy provides the opportunity of giving life to another family and that's something to be thankful for. You are growing someone else's baby inside you, nurturing life, and that is definitely a miracle. While surrogacy does come with some pros and cons, we hope this article gave you an idea of what surrogacy is right for you!