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Kids Need Outdoor Time: Smart Tips to Encourage Play

Tips to Encourage Playing outside

As a parent, you want your kids to grow up happy and healthy by spending time outside. Unfortunately, technology and other factors may become more engaging as children grow up. If you have a difficult time convincing your kids to head outdoors, here are some ideas.

Take Away Technology

Probably the main thing that will keep your children indoors is technology. For this reason, you can hide the television remote, smartphone, video games or any other distractions. Without this, kids will likely have no reason to stay inside. 

Create a Daily Play Routine

Getting exercise playing on a swing set can be a daily routine if you make it happen. The more time children spend in nature, the more often they'll probably want to stay there. If there's a specific time of day, they like to play outside, use fair strategies to encourage this.

Invite Friends Along

Although your children likely enjoy your company a lot, they need playmates who share their age and interests. Life is usually better with friends, and this applies to children too. A friend or two may give your kid the motivation they need to immerse themselves in activities.

Let Kids Choose

s children become older, independent thinking is natural. Therefore, you can allow this if their choices are safe and positive. Teaching responsibility is key to health, well-being and independence. 

Try New Outdoor Activities

Motivate your kids to head outside by trying new activities. This may be swimming, nature walks or skiing. Listen to their unique ideas and go with the flow.

You Can Participate

Kids emulate what parents do. Try involving yourself in outdoor activities and genuinely enjoying your day. Participate in anything you'd like to, or at least sit and watch.

Do More Outside

Spend extra time outdoors, and your kids probably will too. You might want to exercise, do yoga or read a book. Additionally, if you're enjoying yourself, your children will take notice.

Use an Activity Jar

If your children find it challenging to decide, try using an activity jar. Write down creative activities they can try on small pieces of paper, and place them inside. After this, allow them to pick one or two and have a blast. 

Make Outdoor Play Safe

Kids who feel safe find it easier to enjoy playing outdoors. Besides this, they may notice if you don't believe the area is safe. Make it as safe as you can by taking out sharp objects, wasps’ nests or anything else potentially dangerous.

You can also make outdoor play safe by ensuring you and your kids stretch beforehand and loosen up your muscles and shoulders. You want to avoid injury when playing sports with your kids outdoors, for instance. It’s important to know the torn rotator cuff symptoms and warning signs to be aware of. You want to ensure that you or a loved one not only receive the right diagnosis but that you also obtain the right treatment. Mild rotator cuff tears may be treated without surgery, using anti-inflammatory medication, steroid injections, and/or physical therapy instead. However, surgery is often advised for more severe tears or with active individuals who engage in sports or overhead work. The recovery time can be anywhere from two to four weeks so you and your child and healthcare provider must work together to ensure a smooth and successful treatment plan and arrange for any extra care that’s needed.

Rotate Toys for Outside

Not being able to play with certain toys will make them more desirable. Try keeping a few toy buckets and rotate these for use on different days. Placing various toys in each bucket will keep kids inspired for new adventures. You can brainstorm more creative ideas with a pen and paper. Never give up on creating the happiest life for you and your children. With perseverance and practical ideas, you can figure it out.