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Making Space In A Busy Home

building stand alone garage

Today's busy way of life has long moved from offices into our homes. Therefore, it is very important how you will arrange your home - so that it can be beautiful and functional. Especially when you have kids. Our little ones also need to have their own space. There are things in every home that take up space and get in a way. Step out of your comfort zone and place things in an unusual place. Try to make everything within your reach. You will save time, space and be more satisfied with your new home layout. And so will your children.

Organize Your Space Better 

In a small apartment or home without a good layout - there is a constant struggle. It is a fight between you, and all the stuff you bought over the years. The more things you have, the more you serve them. In a constant struggle to make room for your day-to-day activities - you will spend hours and hours scraping, cleaning, and rearranging things. There's bulky furniture, a bunch of unnecessary things, etc. Not to mention a children's play area is spanning throughout the whole house as you skip toys in an attempt to find something. A plan like this doesn't work well - does it? Therefore,  you need to organize your space in a far better and more convenient way. But how do you do that? It's easy. You don't always have to use the services of expensive interior designers - when you can do some things on your own.

Tips On How To Make Space In A Busy Home

If you want to live in a home that looks visually more spacious than it is - you have to put some effort into it. This job doesn't take much time and doesn't have to be difficult. You just have to set a few rules and come up with a plan that will make you feel comfortable. Whether you're a single parent in a small apartment - or a family of four looking to transform a home and get a little extra space - these clever tricks will benefit you.

1. Separate The Zones At Home

In a large home, the rooms have different purposes and are tailored to your lifestyle. However, in a home with little space, these areas need to be cleverly organized. Try to create zones that will meet different needs. Lofts are the best example of breaking down interior spaces into zones that serve as a whole - while being separated from one another. For example, if you work from home - it can be your small home office. if you have kids, setup the play zone on either side of work space so you could keep an eye on the children even when you work.

2. Use The Garage Space

A garage can be an ideal place to put away some things that aren't currently in use. Let's say you bought new furniture and now you have nowhere to put your favorite armchair - yet it's hard for you to part with it. There are also countless children's things, toys, etc. A part of the garage may be ideal for storage purposes. You can enclose it or leave it in the open concept option by making some interesting shelves. But what if your home doesn't have a garage or it's not big enough to fit your car and all the valuable possessions? Before you start thinking about the cost of building a garage, take into consideration the improvement in quality of life for your family and the potential for increased value of your home. Envision clutter free house and do your research on recent home sales in your area, compare sales with and without garages to get an idea how much more people are willing to pay for the extra storage space. There is also a growing trend to convert garages into guest houses, especially on popular Airbnb service. At the end of the day a stand alone garage or a house extension could turn into an additional income for your family.  

3. Use Folding Furniture

Investing in furniture that transforms to fit your needs is also a great way to save space. Folding tables that can be lowered and raised as needed, work desks or standing desks with adjustable height are gaining in popularity, murphy beds or convertable sofas - just to name a few. The market for this type of furniture is constantly evolving - and this type of furniture is available everywhere. It is especially useful when it comes to child safety. But creativity is also important. Therefore, a table in the living room can become a great playground for interactive games - especially if you put the collage papers, zigzag scissors and colours on it. Once the creative session is over - you'll quickly and easily put everything in the storage area - and the table surface is ready to place freshly baked popcorn on it and sit comfortably on the sofa to watch the movie.

4. Make The Living Room Floor The Free Play Area

Freedom and imagination are places where children do not know the boundaries - and seek a lot of physical space in which they can move freely. Floor is lava or a big lake! Let them tap into a world of imagination - and remind yourself why childhood is the kingdom we all want to return to from time to time.

5. The Magic Of Playing On The Terrace

If you have a patio or terrace, this can be a good compensation for outdoor play - especially if you provide your children with equipment tailored to their playfulness. A plastic colourful chair and table will give them comfort and creative inspiration - and yet, you can easily fold and transfer them to one of the rooms when they are no longer in use. They will be happy to develop their drawing skills with a freestanding board, which is foldable and saves you space. Also, schoolchildren may take the opportunity to connect school and play  - and practice chalk drawing with a smile.