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Real Talk About Your Family’s Mental Health

family therapy

To live a long and fulfilling life, you need to engage in healthy practices. On the physical side, health can be achieved through exercise and the right diet. But having a strong mindset takes more than drinking the right amount of water. It means dealing with the junk that can accumulate in your brain, the things that can lead to divorce, abuse, or depression. If those aren't addressed, they can lead to more severe issues like bipolar disorder or addiction.

If there is a mental health issue in your family that needs to be addressed, the first thing to do is admit that there's a problem. If possible, find out why this issue occurred, and develop tools to cope with it. This typically involves some form of therapy or professional treatment.

Couples Counseling

Couples counseling should take place before your marriage becomes intolerable. Sometimes it's tough for partners to attend these sessions. Doing so can make them feel inadequate or provide a sensation that they're at fault. Those are subjects that should not only be brought up during counseling sessions but also broken down to find the underlying problems. 

Overall, this form of therapy is not used to blame one person or another; counseling gets to the bottom of many areas that cause strife. For instance, topics like money and co-parenting can be examined at a different angle.

Family Therapy

There are cases where couples counseling turns into family therapy. This might happen when parents' issues overflow into interactions with their children. As the minds of younger individuals can be harmed by their caregivers' attitudes, quickly addressing issues is critical.

It may take some time for the kids to get comfortable enough to talk about their concerns. On the other hand, they might spill everything in the first session. No matter how long it takes, family therapy can provide the necessary tools that help them cope. In addition, it gives parents guides to handle tense situations in a different way.

Addiction Recovery

Family issues can get so hard that parents, or even children, turn to substance abuse. They may drink too much to numb the environment or take drugs to enter another realm. Contrary to what might be seen in television and movies, modern recovery centers are uplifting locations, as can be seen in this drug rehab in Orange County, CA. They not only help the afflicted family member with treatment but often leave them feeling more centered and wellness-oriented. They do this through methods such as talk therapy, art therapy, and mindfulness exercises like yoga and meditation.


In addition to therapy, one way for families can return to some semblance of proper mental health is through mindfulness. This is the practice of being in the moment and seeing what's in front of you. Parents or children in mental distress can have problems getting into this mindset. They might focus on the negative or worst-case scenario. On the other hand, they might feel so bad about themselves that they can’t focus on the present.

The lack of mindfulness is the reason therapists and other mental health providers recommend exercises that create a new mindset, even if it's temporary. For instance, they can help a patient understand yoga or meditation. Both of these practices have been proven to calm the mind. When they work, the world can look a lot brighter. Though it might be for a short period at the start, family members can use the time to focus on positive achievements. As mindfulness grows, so will their resilience against past behaviors.

Though the items mentioned have been proven to shift a family's mental health, it's not a complete cure. Pharmaceuticals and inpatient mental health treatments might be required if the situation is serious enough. However, going those ways doesn't mean therapy failed. On the contrary, it means the situation is deemed serious enough to go to the next level. Furthermore, it may give the family member a better chance of shifting their mindset into a more positive and productive mode.