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These 4 Clever Ideas Will Make Mom's Lives So Much Easier

These 4 Clever Ideas Will Make Mom's Lives So Much Easier

Parents are always looking for hacks to make mornings less stressful, time less fleeting, shopping less expensive, and life less stressful overall.  It’s an exhausting job that doesn’t have a lot of downtime and no matter the day, it always seems like someone needs something. There are so many good ideas out there. Not impractical ideas or impulse purchases, but tips and tricks that are proven to work.  Here are a few of our favorites.


Give every kid more independence when getting dressed

One of the best ways to save time in the morning and throughout the day is to let kids do a certain number of things on their own.  Every age and each type of child is able to do things differently and at their own pace.  It’s important to offer positive support which also helps to build confidence.  French Toast Adaptive launched a line of school uniforms for children with subtle changes that make a big difference.  For example, shorts and pants have higher-rises and are easy to get on and off.  There are openings at the cuffs that help leg braces fit better, and the collection is also great for children with clothing sensitivities.  Best of all, this collection is the same affordable price as the core collection.

Create a shared family calendar and make sure everyone is on it

family calendar

Some families love a big calendar in the kitchen that’s filled with post-it notes or uses a wipe off marker.  The only issue is that when someone is not home and they are making the next appointment or need to schedule pick-up from sports, there is the risk that the date and time won’t be remembered.  Often parents will have the calendar shared with each other. Depending on the child’s age, it’s a great idea to include them too.  This way they can learn about time management and be an important part of keeping everyone organized.

Create a warm and welcoming space to work and study


If multitasking was an Olympic sport, there would be endless competition for the gold medal.  Especially after the past two years, we’ve grown accustomed to having our dining room table as our home office and the kitchen table as a place to do schoolwork.  As families are embracing the parts of working from home life that they are able to do and enjoy, it has become important to create new spaces in our homes.  When a space is cozy and is a place where you want to be, there’s a positive energy that helps get the job done. A tv stand that doubles as a fireplace is quickly becoming one of the hottest home trends.  RealCozy is built with real wood solids and veneers with engineered wood and comes in a range of styles and colors that make a space feel warm and inviting. The best part is that it’s ready to go straight out of the box with no assembly at all! 

Learn to ask for help when you need it

ask for help

Mothers want to feel like they can do it all at home and also at the office.  There’s a driving need to be a superhero, which can be exhausting and create stress. Know that it’s okay to ask for help. Sometimes asking for help starts at home and other times its with friends and neighbors, while other times it is hired help.  Take the time to find a balance that will help keep you cool and collected. Setting a calm environment at home goes a long way in getting more accomplished and keeping stress levels down.