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Top Reasons to Pay for Health Insurance

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One of the best ways that you can future proof your well-being today is to invest in your health. The cost of living is rising right now, which means so is the cost of healthcare. Making sure that you have private health insurance can help you to go a long way in looking after your health the best way you can. You might not think about how many times people around you have been admitted to hospital, but you need to make sure that you're covering your back if you ever need the hospital system. Getting private health cover can help you to minimize any out of pocket healthcare costs.

Even if full private healthcare coverage isn't affordable for you, you might consider the benefits of individual dental insurance as a way to protect your dental health. If you need emergency dentistry, private dental insurance can be one of the most invaluable things that you do for yourself. You need to be able to really understand the benefits of private health cover and how that can really assist you in making sure that you are living a life that is protected.Here are some of the best reasons why it should be on your essentials list for 2024.

  • You get to choose who your treatment doctor would be and when they treat you and where. It might not be something you've considered before, but elective surgeries and elective treatments mean that you can go to the top of the list when you have private coverage. If you needed an operation for your gallbladder, for example, you are not going to be put on a public wait list that lasts for a year. Instead, you could meet with the surgeon and book your surgery within a few days of that appointment. That allows you to be on top of your health much faster than you would if you were in the public system. Private health cover can also help you to minimize and reduce the waiting period for elective surgeries that include small things like endometriosis surgeries or colonoscopies. you also get to choose who does your surgery and private healthcare allows you that cover

  • You will be aware of all of your out of pocket costs up front. Nobody likes the experience of going to and staying in a hospital, but when you have private health cover, you'll be able to keep your costs down. You get the Peace of Mind that you need that you wouldn't get with a public admission. With any hospital admission, you could be charged for doctor or specialist fees from your hospital bill, but with private health coverage you can cover the costs between what your healthcare practitioner is going to charge you, what the government health covers, and the gap in between. Making sure that you have the right insurance is how you are going to do better for yourself, so doing your research now is important. 

  • Your annual checkups would be covered. With the right private health insurance, you can ensure that eye tests, dental checks and even physio check ups are fully covered. It's so much easier to have family visits to the dentist and the podiatrist. If you know you're going to be covered, you can feel secure in the knowledge that you can still go to those appointments and not have to choose to compromise your health. 

  • You are eligible for discounts when you have private health cover. You can often save money in other areas of life. Benefits such as up to 25% on travel insurance and up to 15% off on pet insurance can really help. There are also savings on those everyday essentials, so for example, if you want to go and get a remedial massage, you can often claim back on your health fund. You can even get cinema tickets, gift cards, air miles and pharmacies, depending on where you live. Most of the time, all you have to do is show your healthcare fund membership card and you'll be able to gain discounts wherever you go. So even though you are paying a premium each month, you are still going to be able to find a way to make some savings.

  • You might be able to save money on your tax. Private health cover could save you a lot of money at tax time, particularly if you're in the US or in Australia. If you are earning a certain amount of money, you might be charged a levy for your public health, which is up to 1 1/2 percent of your taxable income. The surcharge encourages people to take out private hospital cover to reduce the load on the Medicare system. You could also save long term by taking up health cover before you turn 31, as you can then avoid the lifetime health cover loading. 

  • Gain access to more support for your health. Your health coverage allows you to have better access for support for your health. This means that you are able to access weight loss programmes, joint programmes or even get support for your heart health conditions. The best part here is that you are able to have extra support if you are at risk of developing A chronic condition, or you are overweight or you have osteoarthritis. Weight management programs that are led by dietitians and health experts are also going to be accessible to you without the additional cost because it could be included in your health coverage. You might even be able to claim towards the cost of going to the gym or learning to swim. This in itself can be wonderful for your health, and that's going to keep you healthier for longer.

  • You can take much better care of your mental health. There are not enough psychologists or psychiatrists in the world and when you have private health, you don't have to worry about that. It's so much easier to take care of your mental health when you have private health insurance, because you'll be able to have those appointments that you need for a therapist covered more than any other time of the year. There are so many wait lists for psychological help and often mental health crises can't wait. A range of mental health services that are out there can get you the support that you need and when this happens, you can ensure that you are feeling positive and upbeat about your outlook on life.

Healthcare can be a drain on your budget, so you need to make sure that you are finding something that you are able to afford. If not, then it's time to shop around and see whether or not you can get individual health coverage. So, for example, instead of full private health coverage, looking at dental insurance or looking at optometry insurance.

If you know you have issues with your teeth, then it's a smart idea to have dental coverage because then you will be covered if you need any particular help. Paying for health insurance might feel like an added extra and a luxury that you don't need, but in a world where the healthcare systems are strained And the cost of living is going up. You need to make sure that you are covering yourself as much as you physically can knowing that you have the right health insurance can make a very big difference to your mental and physical health. So why not get on that today?