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Useful Tips On How To Help A Teenager With Anxiety

Teenager With Anxiety

Teens have needs that only God can help them with. We are talking about mood changes, behavioral changes, and not to mention peer pressure. This is because of the stage they are at. It is at this stage of their lives where they are breaking out from childhood and about to enter into adulthood. Teens have a high appetite, they’ll fuss, and if this is not enough, they’ll disrespect you whenever they have a chance to. Teens are faced with stressful issues. It could be a bully who’s causing them to skip classes, a teacher who’s at their tail, or bad parenting. Here’s how to help a teenager who’s undergoing anxiety issues. 


If you think or have found out that your teen is going through some anxiety issues, then it’s time that you be the one to take a step to help them out. Anxiety in teens can in so many ways be a distractive factor in their lives. It will derail their productivity and they’ll not be at their best in this important stage of their lives. You might consider Adolescent Counselling, especially if they have been through a rough patch. Whether it’s a divorce, and as earlier mentioned, bullying, or a traumatizing moment, these could warrant booking them up for counseling. You’ll have to be convincing as not all teens will agree to this. Here’s how to go about it:

  • You should consider enrolling in a counseling session as well

  • Be there with them

  • Finds a counselor who will relate with your teen

  • Ensure that they know the benefits of what they’ll be enrolling to

Find The Root Of The Anxiety

You must find what’s making your kid anxious. This will provide you with a clear path on how to handle the problem. It could be that they are about to sit for an exam, they have a prom night and don’t have a date, or that they have a date but don’t know how to go about it. Find out what’s making your teen anxious and it will help you find a solution for it. 

Talk It Out

Anxiety presents itself in so many ways. You can prevent this on your teen by talking it out. This will, first and foremost, help maintain the connection. Secondly, it will help break the ice and bring them to a place where they’ll be open to the things bothering them. Sharing your life experiences with your teen will help encourage and impart some valuable life lessons. If this is not enough, they need mentoring. This will not be as easy but it’s a great start to help them get comfortable with them.

Show Them Love

Research has shown that teens living in abusive homes will end up doing the same things. Being the best role model to your kids is of the utmost importance as it will help shape their future. Love breaks all the barriers and it could help heal a broken heart. It’s in the teenage years when young boys and girls start to discover that they are worth being loved. The earlier you start to show love, it will help them get over heartbreaks, anxiety, and it will be key to helping boost their self-worth. 

Be Present

Loneliness is among the contributing factors to teen anxiety. Life is already hard enough and you need to work hard if you are to make it out of life. But this is not reason enough to be away from your kids. This is an excuse that most parents give but one that’s not valid. You need, as a parent, to be there for your kids. Show up when they have a game, take them to prom night, accompany them to the movies, and be there whenever they need you. You have communication platforms that you can use to help connect with your teen. Do not be an absentee parent. 

Respect Their Privacy

It’s in the teen years that most kids will want to have their rooms. This is critical as it will help them later in life to be independent. If you have enough space in your house, give them their space. This will help avoid anxiety situations especially when they bring a girl home. It will also help them with their studies, especially when there are younger siblings in the house. 

The above are but some of the ways to help a teen who’s got anxiety. You might also consider going for a camping trip, a vacation, or a walk in the park. Anxiety can lead to depression and this is not what you want from your teen.