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Useful Ways To Improve Parent-teacher Communications During The Pandemic

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Ever since this whole pandemic has started things have changed drastically, affecting different areas of our lives. One of them revolves around education. Both parents and teachers share the opinion that it is now difficult to build and maintain communication between each other.

With numerous Covid-19 restrictions, a lot of parents have started feeling excluded and it seems like they are not satisfied with the recent changes that have been made. Some of them are against online teaching, while others perceive it as a more practical solution.

So what can be done to make sure that both parties are satisfied? No matter how challenging the current situation is, if both parents and teachers decide to work on their communication, they will certainly enhance children’s academic success. Below we will give a list of suggestions that will help both sides achieve this.

Smart Ways For Schools To Enhance Communication With Parents

Analyze Parents And Students Needs

This segment refers to the teacher. Before you start doing anything, first think of the needs your students and their parents have. Make sure to find out more about the frequency of communication they want to have with you, as well as communication channels all of you can employ.

Communication is crucial in these types of situations and every participant of it must always feel safe and protected. You should focus on utilizing various useful engagement and communication tools that will make sure that the expectations and needs of parents and students are being met.

Consider Using Various Communication Apps And Channels

Modern times have provided us with different ways we can communicate, which means that schools shouldn’t be relying on one source only. Therefore, it’s crucial to consider implementing numerous useful strategies that are tailored to satisfy the needs of parents and their schedules. 

Bear in mind that a lot of parents have hectic schedules, hence, you will not be able to reach them at any moment. So what are your options? For starters, you can opt for a parent communication app that was designed to streamline communication between schools and parents. With its help, parents can easily gain access to student info, create rapport between them and teachers, and become better involved in the school life of their kid.

Besides this option, there are other amazing alternatives that can help schools easily get in touch with parents and they include:

  • Phone Calls

  • Online Parents Conferences through Skype, Zoom, and many others

  • E-mails

  • Messaging groups (Viber, WhatsApp, etc.)

  • School websites

  • Social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and others

What Are Your Other Options?

Meet Outside The School Walls

If both parents and teachers have some free time on their hands, then this is definitely an option they should opt for. Usually, during the visit, teachers ask parents about the relationship they have with their child and what goals they have for him or her.

Once that’s uncovered, they can focus on the things that can be done in the classroom that can help the kid accomplish his/her goals. Besides this, it’s important to discuss with parents what can be done at home to support their child’s decision, learning, etc.

Feedback Is Very Important!

Any form of improvement and growth can be expected only if all parties are involved and work together to enhance things and resolve any issues. That is the perfect moment to start implementing feedback as a tool that will make sure that your kid gets the best out of his/her school life.

Furthermore, this also means that both parents and teachers are open to any type of constructive criticism. In these types of situations, there’s no room for any fights or arguments. It’s all for the sake of a student. 

It's crucial, to be honest, and realistic whenever an important topic arises because only then you will be able to pave the way for productive and efficient development. Of course, useful suggestions are always welcome and allowed.

What's the advantage of good feedback? With its help, the insights can be utilized to enhance the experience of your child in the future as well.

Use The Right Tone

Both parties should listen to each other and if necessary ask the questions to get a better understanding of certain things and situations. It doesn't matter whether you're communicating face-to-face or through apps, texts, or emails, it's of huge importance to be supportive, positive, and welcoming.

Both parents and teachers play a major role in a child's education, hence, they have to do anything they can to make sure their communication is always crystal clear and at the highest level. Go through these tips to see what you can do to enhance it.