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Why It’s Important to Get a Self Cleaning Cat Litter Box

Self Cleaning Cat Litter Box

For those of us with cats, we know how lovely they can be. It is such a relaxing experience to have your cat on your knee, stroking it and petting it and the experience is usually mutual as the contented purr from the cat usually confirms.

Cats however have to be able to go to the toilet and most learn very quickly to use a litter tray. As much as we love our cats, there are not many who enjoy the regular process of cleaning the litter tray, it is just not a very pleasant job at all and not only is it not pleasant, for those who are health conscious, we need to be aware that in cleaning up after your cat, you can be exposed to the fumes and some potentially harmful microorganisms too.

There is however a solution, you can get yourself the best self cleaning litter box but what are they and how do they work?

The first thing to know is that the self cleaning boxes come in a range of colours and also sizes, so there will be an option to fit the space that you have. They are also manufactured in a range of designs and some come with hoods. You will have to decide on the option that best fits your space and would best suit your cat.

Most self cleaning boxes work by using a rake mechanism which moves across the litter tray and pushes the contents into a storage facility at the end of the tray, out of the way. The storage facility closes to keep odours at bay. They work with a sensor usually which allows time for the cat to move out of the tray before operation and the sensor senses when the cat is in the tray so that the rake will not move to upset the cat.

There are many advantages:

  • You no longer have the time consuming and regular job of cleaning up after your cat.
  • Odours are minimised.
  • Bacteria and microorganisms are kept at bay
  • If you have children, you no longer have to be so concerned about keeping them away from the litter tray as children being naturally curious can decide to play around with the litter.
  • It saves you time in your day and provides a safe cleaning option when you are not at home.
  • It looks better and keeps your area cleaner and fresher.

It is important that you read the instructions which are supplied with the litter tray as all are different and may require certain types of litter for example. You must put the correct amount of litter in so that your tray will continue to work efficiently. Like everything, it is important to shop around to look for a solid, robust tray with a good mechanism. Check the online reviews associated with your choice of tray and make comparisons between different types of trays and buy from a reputable supplier.