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Why Parents Must Exercise Digital Parenting

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Parenting has never been easy ever since it was discovered. Children are delicate, and their young, hungry minds put them at risk of consuming the wrong information. That is why you find that most parents want to teach their children good things when they are still young so that they grow up knowing what is right and what is not. The only problem is that there are also other things that your child can be exposed to which can make your work harder. Smartphones can be the best example of such things because every kid today has at least an android phone. Luckily enough, digital parenting is here, and the best part is that your child can never know that you are tracking everything they are doing on their smartphone. When you install a phone tracker for android to monitor your child, you should know that you are playing your parental role of protecting your young one and this is how.

Protection from pornographic content

Pornography is the number one child spoiler online. Access to such content will have a terrible influence on your child and will change their mind on how they see things especially children of the opposite sex. Additionally, you should now that porn is addictive and once a child gets addicted to porn, you will have to spend thousands in the name of therapies. By tracking what your child does online, you can step in to provide help and advice or apply any other tactic to help them before it’s too late. The worst part about a child getting addicted to porn is that they can easily be lured into other severe things like wanting to get involved in child pornography. This is one thing that can break any parent’s heart, but with digital parenting, you can avoid it.

Protection from suicidal games and content

The internet is full of everything wrong that you don’t want your child to see especially since their minds are ready to consume anything. While an adult can play a suicidal game for fan and leave it at that, children are entirely different. Such content and games can make your kid commit suicide just because it is what they see and register in their mind. You should now that this is no longer a theory since so many children have ended up dead because they have watched too much horror videos which usually spread lies about death. Through digital parenting, you can avoid all the by stepping in before it is too late.

Protection from child trafficking

As interesting as it sounds, there are child traffickers who operate online especially through social media. They start by earning your child’s trust by becoming too friendly and offering gifts to them. Before you know it, they plan a meeting and the next thing you know, a child has gone missing without ant trail. Digital parenting allows you to see everything your child does on the phone. The worst thing you can ever do is fully trust a young child with internet and smartphone.

Protection from mind slaving games

As much as mobile phone games are fan, you should know that too much of it can be risky for a young brain and even some adults are way too engulfed in video games that they cannot do anything constructive with their lives. By using a tracking app, you will quickly know which kind of games your child plays most of the time and find out what it is all about.


Digital parenting is all about taking precautions as far as your child’s digital life is concerned. With the right tracker, you will be able to protect your kid and mold them to responsible adults.