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Why You Should Let Your Kids Choose Their Own Clothes

Kids Choose Their Own Clothes

How many times a week do you find yourself picking out clothing for your child to wear? Do you take it upon yourself to lay out an outfit for them each day, making all the choices for them? Maybe you do it out of convenience, perhaps you want to be sure that they rotate through all their items, or maybe you just don’t think they know how to put together an outfit. Here’s the thing, allowing kids to choose their own clothes can actually be a real benefit for them.

Not convinced giving them the control over what they wear is best? Here’s a look at some of the reasons why you may want to start letting them pick their own clothes.

The Ability to Express Themselves

One of the biggest reasons for letting kids pick their own clothing is that it gives them a chance to express themselves. Clothing can be creative in that they can wear their favorite colors, designs, logos, team jerseys, and so forth. It gives them a chance to take their hobbies and passions and show them off to the world and truly let their own personality shine through. Sure, the outfits may not match perfectly each and every time, but when it comes to personal style there is no rule book for kids.

Create a Sense of Independence and Responsibility

As a parent it’s up to you to encourage kids to think independently, form their own thoughts and opinions, do things on their own, and be responsible. Did you know that something as simple as allowing them to pick their clothing each day can help to teach both independence and responsibility?

You can actually start letting them be involved in picking their outfits around the age of four, which means this is a really early lesson in independence, confidence building, and responsibility.

Stop the Fighting Over Clothing

If you've ever found yourself in a battle where you are forcing your child to wear a particular outfit or item, then you may want to stop and re-think your approach. By allowing kids to pick their own clothes, often you'll find the fights will stop. They will be picking items they like, they are comfortable in, and they are excited to wear. There is nothing to fight about.

Get Them Involved in the Shopping Experience

Kids can also be involved in the actual shopping experience. While heading out to the store to shop for clothing with young kids in tow may not sound fun, you can find plenty of digital deals on children's clothing from the comfort of your own home. You can scroll through the pages allowing them to point out items them like so you know they will actually wear them. There’s no need to guess about anything.

Teach Them About Planning Ahead

This can also be a great opportunity to teach kids about planning ahead. You can get into the habit of having them pick their outfit the night before and have them take into account their activities for the day, the weather, and what is clean and available to wear. It’s all the things that adults have to think about as they choose their clothing for the day. Again, it’s never too early to start learning those life lessons.

Go Ahead and Hand Over the Reigns

So, if you’ve been in the habit of picking your child’s outfits each day, it may be worth it to take a step back and hand the reigns over to them. Allowing kids to pick their own clothes allows for creativity, self-expression, a sense of responsibility, and is a great life lesson to learn.