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5 Reasons Your Teen Should Consider a Career In Construction & Home Improvement

career options for teens in construction

Helping your teen make proper career decisions is your responsibility as a parent. They need proper guidance to make informed decisions that will impact their lives positively. A career in construction and home improvement is one excellent avenue your teen may consider.

Highlighted below are a few reasons to encourage your teen to consider a career in construction and home improvement.

It's Always a Growing Market

As soon as your teen joins the construction industry, they become part of the team that makes the market grow. As more people are implementing home building projects, they need experienced and committed professionals to handle them. More homeowners are also renovating and improving their homes to increase their longevity. This makes the market grow and a career in construction productive. Note that as of 2018 alone, $394 billion is the total amount of money Americans spent in improving their homes. This shows how massive the construction industry is and why your teenager should consider becoming a professional in such a field after high school.

Learn and Enhance Skills

The good thing about working in construction and home improvement is that you utilize your skills and experience in the best way possible. As you engage in hands-on work and move up the ranks, you meet personal targets with ease. Also, note that in the construction and home improvement industry, you get new experiences every day.

You learn new things, develop skills, and enhance your experience as you move up the ranks. Understand that when your teen works in construction, they enhance their skills, as there is room to observe, learn, and practice. Apart from creating a reputable career, the skills learned will also be beneficial when handling home and family projects.

Hands-On Work

One thing about a career in construction is that you utilize your potential to the fullest. Firstly, you engage in hands-on construction work. As much as there are equipment and tools to use, you operate them yourself. A career in construction and home improvement is never boring. You can engage in roof installation and repair, plumbing services, masonry, heavy equipment operation, and project management that dictates you be present and engage in hands-on work.

Note that your teens will feel useful as they engage in activities that give immediate results. Understand that the demand for hands-on work in the roofing industry has seen a growth of over 4%, with the expenditure by 2021 expected to reach $19.9 billion. This shows why a career in construction is beneficial to your teen!

Opportunities for Growth

Unlike 9-5 cubicle jobs, a career in construction creates room for improvement for your teenager. You always learn new things and engage in empowering activities in the construction and home improvement fields. There are new and interesting challenges that every construction worker must experience and overcome.

This means, as days go by, there is room for growth and opportunities for improvement. With the different construction and home improvement fields, your teen can handle new projects, change job descriptions, and avoid career stagnation. There is no burnout when you consider a career in construction, as you keep your mind active and engage in empowering hands-on projects.

Help Create a Greener Earth

Apart from erecting buildings and renovating houses, you also have a chance to make the earth greener as a construction worker. Note that the availability of eco-friendly construction management software allows you to utilize eco-friendly solutions that help reduce carbon footprints. Most of the traditional building methods involve using materials that can harm the environment.

Note that you teens can create and spread awareness of the benefits of using green designs and building concepts that help make the earth greener. As of 2018 alone, the United States generated 600 million tons of C&D debris. Compared to the amount of generated municipal solid waste, this is more than twice the estimate. When you encourage your teens to consider a career in construction and home improvement, you also put them on the path of environmental conservation.

A career in construction and home improvement is among the many paths to follow. When your teen considers a career in construction, they will develop skills and experience that'll be beneficial in the long run.