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Summer Cleaning: 3 Mistakes and 3 Helpful Tips

floor cleaning

Spring cleaning is one of the most popular times to clean your home, but that doesn't mean you should ignore your cleaning responsibilities during the rest of the seasons. Summer cleaning, for instance, is imperative if you're hoping to have a nice, clean, and relaxing summer.

Unfortunately, there are plenty of homeowners that either neglect their summer cleaning responsibilities or make all kinds of costly mistakes that end up worsening their home's appearance.

Here are some of the most common summer cleaning mistakes:

  • Neglecting your sponge -- You're obviously going to be using your sponge for plenty of summer cleaning. But even before you begin scraping your kitchen counter -- you need to give your sponge a thorough cleaning itself. Your sponge is one of -- if not the most -- filthiest items in your entire home. Simply toss your sponge in your dishwasher instead and then get to scrubbing!
  • Spraying cleaning products directly onto surfaces -- It's easy to do, sure, but it's actually damaging your surfaces. This is especially true for electronics (which need plenty of cleaning, as well). When you're cleaning any kind of delicate surface, make sure you're spraying the cleaning product onto a microfibre cloth and then begin wiping down the surface.
  • Washing your windows on a nice day -- It's a fun project, sure, but the sun will heat up your windows too much and you'll end up with streaky stains. Instead, wait for an overcast day, clean them thoroughly, and you'll enjoy how they look on the next sunny day.

Instead of making these mistakes, which can lead to a messy and stressful summer, consider doing things correctly. Here are some of the best summer cleaning tips for DIY parents:

  • Use a DIY Mixture -- Mix up one cup of ammonia, half cup of white distilled or apple cider vinegar, one-fourth cup of baking soda, and a gallon of warm water to make a DIY fix-all mixture.
  • Deodorize your trash with baking soda -- Sprinkling baking soda at the bottom of your trash bin will help fight those nasty odors. Simply wad up a few old newspapers and put them at the bottom of the bag with baking soda and you'll notice a difference right away.
  • Air out your washing machine -- You'll be using your washing machine a lot more during the summer, so it's crucial to keep it fresh and clean. Combat mildew and mold buildup by running an empty load with detergent and hot water. When the cycle is finished, leave the door open and allow the machine to dry out and allow air circulation

Most importantly, never neglect your cleaning responsibilities -- no matter the season!