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What to Include In Your Kids' Daily Routines This Summer

Kids' Daily Routines

For many children, getting out of school and starting summer break is the best time of the year. This is when they get to go out and play with their family and friends. Normally, it also means they have diminished responsibilities without any schoolwork to worry about. However, that doesn't mean summer should be a free-for-all. This season is important for children to both have fun and be active as well as help them grow as a person. So, here are a few things to add to your children's daily routines this summer.

Established Morning and Bedtime Routines

During the school year, children go to bed at the same time and wake up at the same time in a routine. This routine will also include bathing, brushing their teeth, and everything else that they need to do. This keeps them healthy both physically and mentally. However, it can be lost in the summertime. So, make sure your child doesn't get out of these routines and continues to do the little things, like making their bed in the morning, so that they are properly prepared for the day.

To ensure your kids stick to their daily morning and bedtime routines, you could create charts in their bathroom and have them check off all of the items. At the end of the week, if everything is checked off, they can enjoy a special snack or another treat as a reward.

Daily Chores

One of the best ways to start teaching your child about responsibility and even prepare them for the things they'll need to do as a homeowner themselves one day is to make sure they do chores around the home. Having them sweep or dust will take some chores off your plate while teaching them responsibility. Yardwork is great for this, as learning things like the fact most lawns need an inch of water every week is useful while helping to keep the yard maintained.

Fun Outdoor Activities

In the age of the internet, it's harder than ever to get your child to go outside and play. However, this is incredibly important for keeping children happy and developing physically. Getting outside to play will give them access to the sun, which is known to improve people's moods, and an opportunity to meet and exercise with other children.

Short Naps

A lot of children don't like to take naps over the course of the day because they think of naps as being for little kids. Still, as many adults can attest to, naps are important for everyone. Naps don't even need to be long to be effective. A nap under 30 minutes boosts how alert you are while preventing you from getting groggy, which is the kind of boost everyone needs throughout the day.

Brain Games

Summer break doesn't mean your children should stop learning. Instead, find a way to make sure that they're still thinking and learning throughout the day. This can be done by having them read or play games to keep their brains working hard. On rainy days, strategy-driven board games are a good option to spend time together.

Limited Screen Time

Today, most children like to play video games or be on a phone more than playing with physical toys. This is part of the shift in technology that has occurred in recent years. However, limiting screen time in your child's daily routine is healthier for them, and it also protects your devices. After all, during the COVID-19 pandemic, when more people were using screens, there was an 800% surge of cyberattacks. The best way to prevent this is by limiting screen time and being aware of what websites and programs your child is using.

The summer is most children's favorite time of year. So, do the things that it takes to make sure they have fun with their family and friends while also paying attention to the things that will help them develop and grow physically and mentally.