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Proven Strategies to Help Kids Understand Math


Math can be frustrating sometimes, especially if you’re not into numbers. With kids, it can be even more frustrating, since they have other school obligations to complete, and the last thing they’d do is sit at home and do fractions or learning to multiply. If your kids are struggling to learn math, here are some tips on how to make it easier and more fun:


Be patient


Helping your kids with their math homework is a struggle known to almost every parent. Kids can be notoriously stubborn, especially if they see you losing your composure while trying to teach them. On the other hand, some kids need more time to learn, so the last thing you should do is impose your expectations on them. Instead, arm yourself with patience and be calm. There’s no need to yell, as it can only make your child less confident and more defiant. Make sure that your kids are well-rested and ready to learn because there’s no point in studying otherwise
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Make it interesting


If your child is having difficulties with learning basic math, try to make it more interesting for them. There are many apps, computer games, board games and even card games that can help them learn. The key is to make the whole experience fun and entertaining. If you want to add more excitement, add some rewards for every completed task. Some children need more stimulation and rewards in order to learn and be productive, so you need to invest some time and effort so the whole learning process will be appealing and interesting!


Pay for private classes


In case you’re too busy to help your kids study, you can always pay for private lessons. A lot of teachers are also college students, so chances are they won’t charge a lot. Just be sure that your kids and their teachers get along because the goal is to make them embrace the math, and the only way to make it happen, is to get a teacher who is kind, fun and knows how to explain. If you see that your kid isn’t receptive of their teacher, find another one. You can be present during the class, but it’s better if you leave them alone. That way, your child can build a trusting relationship with a teacher without being distracted.
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Find an online tutor


For parents and kids who prefer learning from home, hiring an online maths tutor is a perfect solution. Online lessons can build your child’s confidence and tutors are always available and ready to help. The advantage of online lessons is that kids are already immersed in technology, so studying online with a laptop, tablet or even smartphone will seem like something natural. Also, children can learn at their own pace, with no pressure. Online classes can also help your child improve their grades at school and make them feel more motivated.


Make the child feel confident


Some parents tend to belittle their children out of sheer exasperation. Helping a child that would rather watch YouTube than make an effort to learn can make you feel like losing temper, but before you lash out, take a deep breath and try to calm down. Sometimes, kids can be stubborn due to lack of self-confidence. In order to make them engaged, you need to boost their self-esteem and create an atmosphere of trust and support. Every time they make a mistake, calmly show them how to solve the problem. You might be tempted to criticize them, but remember that harshness is an easy way out. Instead, you should strive to make them believe in their own skills, and don’t forget to praise them, so they’ll feel good about themselves.
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