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Activities Articles

Get out of the way and let them play!

Apr 29, 2015
By: John Haime
“Jess, why didn’t you go for the goal when you had the chance?” You can see him in the rear-view mirror. Your nine-year-old is looking out the window at the familiar scenery like it’s a favourite TV show. “Why did you pass the ball to Jimmy? Why didn’t you make the shot?” “I dunno.” What can you do...
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Benefits of Sports for Kids

Aug 14, 2014
By: Kids in the House
Of all of the things that experts say you can involve your child in, sports are consistently listed as a top activity to enrich your child and help them grow into well-adjusted adults. The benefits of sports for children are far too extensive to list here, but this article is a beginning. High...
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Kids in the House Share Your Story Blogger Event: DIY Crafts with Kids

Aug 11, 2014
By: Kids in the House
It’s amazing how much joy and entertainment a few simple items can bring to children when put together in a certain way. Arts and crafts can have many benefits including helping kids make sense of the world and actually helping you parent better . Not to mention, when kids are older it won’t the...
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Seven Top Activities for Kids

Jul 25, 2014
By: Kids in the House
Bored with the same routine? While much of what you do will depend on where you live (for example, those near water access might enjoy a lake or beach day while those in the mountains can turn toward hiking for fun), there are a number of activities you can do with your kids regardless of your...
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How to Introduce an Introverted Child to Sports

Mar 21, 2014
By: Brandon Capaletti
Team sports are an integral piece of American childhood. Approximately 35 million children between the ages of 5 and 18 play some kind of organized sport every year. When you include those who play sports outside of the school system, that number increases to around 60 percent of all children...
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5 Benefits of Outdoor Winter Play

Oct 30, 2013
By: David Reeves
Outdoor winter play has long been blamed for colds and the flu. Our parents told us “Bundle up or you’ll catch a cold” and their parents probably told them the same thing. But winter play gets a bad rap. Although going outside unprepared for the elements is unwise, viruses that are spread by other...
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It's 12pm... Where Did My Lunch Period Go?

Oct 15, 2013
By: Stefanie Weiss
Homework, school activities, tutors, basketball, baseball, soccer, lacrosse, dance, music lessons, extra-help, school clubs, and maybe just enough time to have a 5-minute after school snack. Our children are too busy! At lunch the other day, a friend was expressing her frustration that in her high...
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