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Pool safety

It is required by law to have your yard fenced in when you have a backyard pool. However, there is frequently access to the pool from the house. We recommend a pool fence that blocks access from the house around the perimeter of the pool. This pool fence has a gate that can only be accessed by an adult. The latch is up high. Having a pool fence versus a cover is very important because a cover may not necessarily put back in place. Say you are taking a break to answer the phone or take a lunch break, or whatever. Having the gate closed is the safest way to ensure that your pool is safe. You always want to have a pool fence around your pool. Neighborhood kids might be curious about your pool. Pets might be curious about your pool. We always recommend having your pool fenced. You also want to have access from the house to that pool area, maybe that back door, having that latched as well, so kids aren't getting out that way. If you are going to be entertaining, and you are having a lot of kids over for a pool party, you as the host, have so many other duties, you cannot possibly keep an eye on all of the kids. Hiring a certified life guard is what we highly recommend. They are trained in pool safety, they know first aid and CPR, and they will handle any poolside emergencies that may come up. Drowning is one of the most common occurrences among children, aged four and under. It's a very silent event. There is no splashing or screaming, usually. This is an area that really needs to be taken care of.

See Nancy Spigelman's video on Pool safety...


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Nancy Spigelman and her husband David started Wonder Years Babyproofing, an in-home babyproofing service, in 1988. Child passenger safety is her passion, and she has been educating parents and caregivers for the past 10 years on the proper use of car restraints in cars for children. In working with parents and caregivers, Nancy strives to enable them to confidently use child restraint seats properly every time their child is in the car. When she is not at home hanging out with her family and pets, she loves road trips, camping and hiking, as well as cooking and reading. 

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