The core skills that progressive education teaches

Percy L. Abram, PhD describes the skills that a progressive education imparts to students
Parenting Advice | The core skills that progressive education teaches
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The core skills that progressive education teaches

So I've been asked what type of student will excel in a progressive environment versus a traditional environment. And I have to admit that I have my own personal biases around that. So when I talk to parents about the type of education progressive schools offer, it is one that instills in children a sense of confidence, a notion that all children can learn, that the skills necessary to be successful will not only sustain them for their primary and secondary education but also when they go off to college. So the skills that we're talking about are critical reasoning; the ability to work collaboratively in a group; the ability to take discrete information, digest, and synthesize that information, and then articulate it back in various forms. So it may be in a presentation in front of others. It may be in written work. It may be in modeling that students are doing. And all of those things, as I talk to parents, are what we are asked to do in the work world as well. It is rare for a work environment to solely be an environment where individuals function on their own without other people around them. So teaching kids the skills to understand how to address a problem, what the problem is, where the pitfalls will come, I think are hallmarks of a strong, progressive education. And I think you will find that as you begin to look at the way universities are now teaching in the classroom, some of these skills are being taught there as well.

Percy L. Abram, PhD describes the skills that a progressive education imparts to students


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Percy L. Abram, PhD

Head of School

Percy Abram is the Head of Gateway School.  Gateway School is a Kindergarten – 8th grade independent school in Santa Cruz, CA.  Prior to joining Gateway School, Dr. Abram was the Upper Division Director at Brentwood School in Los Angeles.  An LA native, Dr. Abram received his B.A. (Economics) and M.A. (Education) degrees from UCLA, and his M.A. (Sociology) and Ph.D. (Education) from Stanford University.  Dr. Abram and his wife are the parents of a 10-year old daughter and 7-year old son, and despite running a school and being responsible for 260 students each day, he still finds parenting his most challenging job.

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