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Health and Development Articles

Teen Pregnancy

What Every Parent Needs to Know about Teen Pregnancy

Jul 26, 2016
Since 2014, studies have shown that teen birth rates have been declining. Birth rates have fallen 11% for women between the ages of 15–17 years and 7% for women between the ages of 18–19 years, according to the CDC . To continue this steady decline of teen pregnancy, parents can maintain a open...
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The Truth About Depression & Self-Harm: What Every Parent Needs To Know

Feb 11, 2015
By: Kids In The House
Depression and self-harm is a difficult subject for any family and you may have questions but don't know where to turn for help. Join Kids In The House on February 17th at 1:30pm for a live Q&A discussion with psychologist Dr. Wendy Lader. Dr. Lader is co-founder and clinical director of...
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Teenage Depression

Teenage Depression and How Parents Can Help

Sep 11, 2014
By: Kids in the House
There are many challenges that teenagers face, and sometimes the pressures can be overwhelming. Many times, teens do not know how to deal with the adversity in their lives, and it begins to affect their emotional well-being. How can parents make the distinction between normal adolescent moodiness...
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Teen Sleep

Teens and Sleep

Jun 13, 2014
By: Kids in the House
Parenting teenagers is no easy feat. You worry about drugs, grades, sports, sex, college acceptance, peer pressure, bullying… there’s probably not much you don’t worry about. Yet, there’s one thing you may not be concerned about that could make an impact on all the things listed above. Sleep...
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