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Healthy Child Healthy World 23rd Annual Gala

Healthy Child, Healthy World had their 23rd annual gala at the Montage Hotel in Beverly Hills. It was an incredible success and raised awareness on many issues concerning childrens' health.

The event was attended by many celebrities including Michael Weatherly from "NCIS", Sydney Tamilia Poitier from "Chicago P.D.", Rob Minkoff, producer of "The Lion King", Harvey Karp, pediatrician, Ken Cook, president of EWG, Laura Turning Seydel, environmental activist and keynote speaker, Wendy Walsh, CNN reporter and Samantha Ettus, radio host.

The event was covered by Kids in the House reporter, 7 year old, Teal Greene.

Healthy Child Healthy World, Powered by Environmental Working Group, Empowers Parents To Take Action and Protect Children From Harmful Chemicals.


It's great to see these events taking place for a good cause, and any parent will tell you there is no greater cause than the health of our children.

great event. that kid is awesome. i feel the atmosphere. best wishes. thank you.

So Glad to see this was a sucess and what a handsome reporter.

I am so glad to see causes for kids issues like Healthy Child Healthy World get the recognition they deserve. So many young people benefit from this. Love it.

I loved this video and I like that this child, and other children, got so much love and support from those who attended. Bravo to all involved.

Very  positive and uplifting video.  The health of our children is a highly important cause.

Really fun video and a great way to advertise the cause Healthy Child Healthy World

This is absolutely great!! I support causes like this 100%. Causes for healthy kids should be a number one priority for a healthy tomorrow and future. This video is very positive and uplifting. 

This is an awesome thing that this kid doing and he does an amazing job at it!

So nice to see orginazations like Healthy children Healthy world recieve such great support. Congratulations to the lil guy he did a great job.

This kid is awesome. So hilarious and cute. Its so cool they have him reporting on this great cause.

He is such a darling . This kid will go places .:)We need to make this earth a better place to live

Kids in the House is coming a long way to helping parents and children be healthier.  Children are the future and they need to be healthy to keep the world going.  The kid in the video is going to be a hugh success and role model for others. 

I love the idea of using a child to "report" on a cause like "Healthy Child, Healthy World." Genius!!

what an amazing kid..coming from a child like him will truly encourage parents and other kids to be  healthy!keep it up dude!

That kid is gonna go far! He is starting from a perfect place.

It's so good to see so many people coming together for such a great cause. I wish more people were health conscious.

very positive video and great way to advertise the cause Healthy Child Healthy World!

I love kids its video is good advertise for the mother

A great idea to spread awareness about children's health, the atmosphere is positive and cheerful. And that kid is very confident.

His parents must be proud to see him achieve things at that young age, such a brave and confident young man.

Keep healthy. The kid is an inspiration.

Teal is such a lovely commentator, Fantastically Talented and such a nice fresh change from the norm.  Rock on with your bad self, Kid and keep up the good work!

It is great to hear how other parents are ensuring their children's good health. I, too, want to reduce the chemicals that my children are exposed to.

It is very refreshing to see a kid with such confidence! His interviewing skills are better than most adult reporters today!

For a long time now I've been looking for a blog, a website, an one stop for all my question related to my kid. This is a good page. And of course health is wealth and that too from a early age even better

This young kid has a big future and is doing the right thing for a good cause.His parents must be so proud.

i am learning many many things to saw this video,everybody need to help our socity by create this type of helpfull video.thanks

extraordinary occasion. that child is great. i feel the climate. all the best. much thanks to you.

I feel like the health of kids is very important and support the healthy child healthy world program 100 percent 

I loved this video. What a wonderful cause! Great site for information on raising healthy children. Love it!

Amazing! Chilren's Health  as well as Adult health is so important. If we start children off right out of the gate with healthy living then they will be set up for success their whole life. I really admire what this team is doing.  Keep up the great work! And Teale Green is so brave getting up and speaking to people. Most children his age lack the confidence to beable to handle a crowd. Watching this has definately been a positive experience for me. 

This makes me really happy! If we dont nip childrens health in the butt everyone would be unhealthy, im glad that they raised a lot of awareness on this, and Michael wetherly being there makes it all the better!