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Jennifer  Davidson, RN, BSC, IBCLC

Registered Nurse
Lactation Consultant

Pediatrician, Your
Newborn: Head to Toe

Lisa Pierson Weinberger

Hiring Caregivers

Board Certified

Family Therapist
Without Power Struggles

Good NIghts

The Pump Station
Lactation Consultant

Cyber Education

Educator, Just Tell
Me What To Say

High Performance Psychologist

Clinical Psychologist
Children of Paradise

Registered Nurse
Emergency Specialist

Ayurvedic Specialist

Take a Deep Breath

Preschool Teacher
Little Dolphins

In Vitro Specialist
Dr. Marrs’ Fertility

Psychologist, Emotionally
Healthy Twins

Dad, Photographer
"Child with Disabilities"

Traci Cummings

Mom, Educator

"Being Mr. Mom"

Wanda Yeatman

Mom, Consultant

Tim Wheeler

Dad, Attorney
"Fair & Equal"

Alejandro Edda

Dad, Actor
"Young Father"

Mom, TV Production
"After Divorce"

Paige Goldberg  Tolmach

Mom, Activist
"Organic Mom"

D'Lynda  Kaplan

Stay-At-Home Mom
"Say It Like It Is"

Chris Rice

Dad, Investor
"Gay Dad Adoption"

Mom, Activist
"Culture & Divorce"

Jonathon Fishman

Founded "Ben's Ranch"


Jane  Rose

Mom, School Founder
"All About Teens"

Westside Pediatrics

Abuse Prevention
No Trespassing

Educational Therapist
Bridges Academy

Tom  Williams, PhD

Personal Trainer
World Class Swimmer

Ling Wong, MS, CHC

Holistic Nutrition
Thoughts for Food

"Cancer Survivor"

Janis Gaudelli

Mom, Business Exec.
"Single by Choice"

Ana Paula  Markel

BINI Birth

Doula & Educator
Painless Childbirth

Board Certified

Author & Grief Coach
28 Days of Grief

Douglas Green, MFT

Mental Health

Mom, Author
"Being a Stepmom"

Mom, Animation 
"Working Mom Guilt"

Andra Clark

Mom, Doula
"The Early Years"

Kaiser Permanente

Christine Neilson

Financial Advisor
Over 20 Years

Blogger, Author
Bottled Up

Julia Kantor, MFT

Family Therapist
Marriage After Kids

Board Certified

Fellow of A.C.O.G.

Hal Danzer, MD

Professor, UCLA

Christina Coleman

Family Law Attorney
Maternity Leave

Educational Psychology
Director Mann Family

Dad, Businessman
The Change Maker

Periodontist, Diplomate

Zoe Rogers

"The Bradley Method"

Gina Osher

Mom, Blogger
"The Twin Coach"

Amy Goldreyer

Mom, Lice Removal
"Lice Whisperer"

Noah Blumofe, DPM

"Foot Surgery"

Mom, Teacher
"Preschool Life"

Gina Gonzalez, DDS

Board of Directors, USC

Mom, Actor
"Cloth Diapering"

Mom, Physical Therapist
"Mothering Triplets"

100 Acts of Love

Polly Palumbo, PhD

Research Consultant

Family Therapist
Babygroup Leader

Aaliyah Noble

Mom, Entrepreneur
"Teen Parent"

Deena Goodman, PT

Physical Therapist
Women's Health

Geoff Wells

Dad, Attorney
"Travel Ball Coach"

Certified Child
Safety Specialist

Educational Specialist
Special Needs

DIR/Floor Time

Kim Bergman, PhD

Family Therapist
Gay Men...Fathers

Clinical Psychologist
Did I Grow in Your Tummy

You're Grounded

Suchada Eickemeyer

Mom, Blogger
"Attachment Parenting"

Fernando Pullum, MA

Educational Specialist
Music Magnet Program

Marni Ayers

Mom, Writer
"Green Advocate"

Mom & Court Certified

Spanish Interpreter

Aimee Wheeler, PsyD

Therapist, Parenting
Discovery Center

Mom, Autism Advocate
"Living with Autism"

Lactation Consultant
La Leche League

Lisa Gonsalves, MA

Behavior Therapist
Integration Disorders

Therapist & Educator
Art of Parenting

College Consultant
"College Planning"

Clinical Psychologist
Purposeful Parenting

Child Psychologist
Diagnosing Autism

Clinical Psychologist
Divorce & Disorders


Secrets to School

Medical Consultant

Kristy King

Mom, Teacher
"Nursing & Pumping"

Debi Cox

Stay-At-Home Mom
"Son with Autism"

Erin Kayem, MS, CCC-SLP

Speech Pathologist
Brain Enhancement Inst

Catherine Lacey Dodd

Mom, Photographer
"Special Needs Child"

Heather Ellington

Language Instructor
Baby Sign Language

Nicole Meadow, MPN, RD

Pediatric Dietitian 
Founder, NutritionWise

Whole-Brain Child

Family Psychologist
Reflective Parenting

Sonja Panajotovic

Estate & Tax Attorney
Wills & Trusts

Mom, Art Curator
"At-Risk & Divorce"

Helena Heyman

Mom, Literary Manager
"Babies & Miscarriage"

Mom, Parent Educator
"NVC & Hand-in-Hand"

Parenting…Inside Out

Mandy Schutt

Hypnosis & EC

Lisa Stern, MD

Teen Issues

Linda Gant

Mom, Travel Tours

Blogger, Author
Real Dad Rules

Farrah Zweig

Mom, Trainer
"Losing Baby Weight"

Monica Gregory

Mom, Blogger
"Miscarriage & Stillbirth"

Family Law Attorney
Divorce Specialty

Mom, Urban Planner
"Mixed Race Family"

Mom, Writer
"Body Image Issues"

Family Law Attorney
Divorce & Bullying

Maggie Baumann, MFT, CEDS

Family Therapist
Eating Disorders

Rob Morrow

Dad, Actor

Fertility Specialist
Professor, USC

Stephanie Mihalas, PhD, NCSP

Child Psychologist
School Psychologist

Kari Sproul, MD

Infertility Specialist
Pacific Fertility Center