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The first thing to realize about choosing healthy snacks is that you need to choose

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kids going to vacation
Family travel can be fun and memorable. It can help you create a strong bond with your kids. This, however, can only happen when you plan properly. Otherwise, it can be a stressful outing. This is...
teen party
Family camping trips are absolutely wonderful experiences. They bring you closer together while also allowing everyone to bond a little and just escape from the hustle and busyness of the outside...
watering garden
The reason why so many parents in the 21st century have a problem getting their kids to play outside is due to the fact that they take a wrong approach to the situation as a whole. You see, instead...
Preparation for a New Baby
From creating your birth plan to setting up your baby’s nursery, preparing for a new baby is a joyous and sometimes stressful experience. Naturally, many new parents try to read every baby book...
xmas decor
The stress that we put on ourselves to buy stuff, food and decorate everything has honestly become ridiculous. Not to mention that most of us can’t afford all of it, even if it may seem that...
vacation with kids
When your kids grow older, going to the same kind of vacations when they were small babies won’t cut it. Older kids want to have as much fun as you are having. Unlike in the past when they...
adoption process 2019
There are many myths surrounding the process of adoption. If you have heard that it can take years, or that it’s gruelling and you’ve been put off, this article is for you. We take an...
minimalist room design
If you have small kids, keeping your home neat is challenging to say the least, but it's still possible. Generally, for a happy family, it's not crucial to have a tidy house each and every...
home wifi router
Every home computer and similar device needs a router in order to connect to various networks and the Internet. While buying a router and connecting it might seem like simple work, it’s much...
mom and daughter shopping online
Welcome to the future, where you can buy literally anything you want and have it arrive at your front door in 48 hours or less. For busy parents, this is a godsend. Last-minute birthday gift? Prime...
garden activities with kids
It’s no secret children now spend too much time in front of the screen. This doesn’t only hurt their eyesight and posture but it also makes them less social. So, if you’ve been...
Your Guide to Holiday Giving
Julie Kertes
The play experts and toy testers at Hot Diggity Media spend a good part of the year unboxing, testing and playing with hundreds of toys and games from companies across the globe. Only the best of the...
Child with Cerebral Palsy in wheelchair
Getting a diagnosis for your infant or child of cerebral palsy can be devastating. Every parent wishes for their children to be healthy and whole, but this condition doesn’t have to be limiting...
Kids’ Game Room Design
Designing your kids’ playroom is a fun and rewarding project, especially when you see your kids enjoying the final product. As it is a place where they’ll be spending a lot of their time...
parents working from home
Dr Rutherford and Molly
How will our parenting decisions today affect the adults our children will become tomorrow? Molly Skyar, in an open conversation with her mother, Dr. Susan Rutherford, views parenting decisions...