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sizzle reel
  Leana Greene of Kids in the House gives you an overview of the past Live TV shows as well as fun new upcoming TV projects we will be working on in 2018.  
Parenting in Digital Age
Anything is avoidable in this world except the digital technology. We cannot turn a blind eye to the digital era we live in. Kids do not go to the libraries to do the research anymore as they have...
 A screenshot captured on
Anastasia Basil
Mydaughter is ten. She wants me to download the app on my phone so she can make funny lip-sync videos. Everyone has it, she whines, even the kid whose mom is an FBI agent/...
Exercise Benefit for Children’s Health
Tracey Clayton
In today’s world most people tend to link physical activity with weight loss, and forget all the important benefits it brings to both our body and mind. For kids, especially, keeping physically...
kids and sports live tv show
How can we encourage our children to thrive under pressure? What’s an easy way to make sure our kids are safe on the field of play? How can we inspire our children to stay active and stay happy...
drugs in schools
Today’s children are at risk of developing various addictions that can have serious effects on the entire family. Responding to these risks before they turn into large problems may be difficult...
gender-neutral nursery
There are lots of advantages to having a nursery that is perfectly suitable for any baby, regardless of their gender. By creating an adorable room that features bright colors and adaptable furniture...
Healthy Family Habits and Inspiration
A lot of people live extremely busy and hectic lives today, which leave them almost no time for what really matters most – their families. Spending quality time with your kids and other family...
Styling Tips for kids
We all think our kid is special, so we want to show the rest of the world how unique our kid really is. The easiest way to do that is to style them in a way that he or she will stand out from the...
Pregnancy exercises
The best way to prepare for the joys and challenges of pregnancy is by taking good care of yourself. That includes making time for things you enjoy, getting plenty of rest, eating well, and...
how kids can overcome fear
Brent Feinberg
As parents, our greatest vision is to have children who have a positive sense of self with enough self confidence to navigate the challenges of life.  Life experience has taught us all that...
educational app for kids
Valerie Le Baron
Kid apps differ from one age to another. Even so, the significances of these apps cannot be ignored. Some of the apps range from reading apps and awesome math apps. They also include challenging...
parenting kids
Elizabeth Pantley
  “Stop crying, it doesn’t hurt.” “You have nothing to worry about.” “You’ll be okay.” Such natural adult responses! But your child is very...
teaching kids empathy
There’s nothing easy about raising kids. We’re all struggling and looking for new ways to build better relationships with them, help them find their way in the world, or simply deal with...
digital age parenting
As parents, how do you stay relevant in the digital age and how do you deal with your kids’ constant consumption of digital media? Yalda T. Uhls, MBA, PhD, is an author and Executive of...