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The first thing to realize about choosing healthy snacks is that you need to choose

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Kids and Chocolate
For some reason, parents often forbid their children to eat a full bar of chocolate after lunch or as a snack. In reality, such restrictions are not founded on fact, but rather on myths that used to...
teen drug use
No parent wants to hear the news that their teenager has been experimenting with drugs. With this news comes the fear that drugs will affect your teenager's education, lead them to illegal...
Outdated Backyard Space
Like any other part of your home, your backyard needs some updates from time to time. Otherwise, it will lose on its charm. There are many elements that can become outdated over time. Your job is to...
Resume After Maternity Leave
An employment gap refers to an extended period of time where an individual is unemployed or without work. This time period ranges from months to years. People decide to remain employed for several...
Parenthood Balance
Tracey Clayton
Being a parent is one of the most beautiful things in the world but it’s never easy, especially when you work full-time. Balancing your work and parenthood may be challenging but, fortunately,...
moving with kids
Moving day can become really hard. There’s so much going around and there are so many things to be done to accomplish the move. Not to mention that moving day becomes even more challenging if...
keeping kids busy after school
LouAnn Moss
No matter the number of things your kids do at school, they always seem to have an endless amount of energy leftover. And now that they're home for the day, you have two choices: park them in...
Parenting Control App Mobicip
It is no secret that today's generation of children and teens are growing increasingly more attuned to technological advancement. Evidence of this rests in the mere fact that 10 years is the...
Prenatal Pills
When you become pregnant, the nutrients in the food that you’re eating and the vitamins you are taking will not only go to your system, but also to the baby in your womb. Therefore, you need to...
Self Cleaning Cat Litter Box
For those of us with cats, we know how lovely they can be. It is such a relaxing experience to have your cat on your knee, stroking it and petting it and the experience is usually mutual as the...
STEM: Building a PC With Your Kids
LouAnn Moss
Many parents are worried about how much time our kids spend staring at screens. Just this week the World Health Organization recommend no screen time at all for children age one and younger. However...
How to set up a Family Budget
A budget for a modern family is becoming increasingly complicated. An average family needs to handle a variety of monthly expenses and it usually has more than one stream of income at all times. It...
3D Decor for Your Home
Interior designers have a reason to rejoice. The 3D décor is making a major comeback. Nowadays, people are turning to wallpapers to make their homes more exciting and welcoming. Homeowners can now...
sit and stand stroller
Having a stroller is a blessing for parents who still want to enjoy going out sans the hassle of carrying their kids for a long time, only to get exhausted later on. If you have two toddlers in your...
Music Lessons for Kids
Children's music lessons can often be misunderstood. Many schools devalue the subject and many parents wonder whether or not private lessons are worth it. Whilst in an ideal world it would be...