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The first thing to realize about choosing healthy snacks is that you need to choose

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couple getting divorced
One of the hardest things you may face as a parent is getting a divorce. While divorce is hard for any couple, it can be even more so when there is a child to consider. If you want to make sure the...
Prevent Child Sexual Abuse in 2021
Sexual abuse perpetrated against anyone is one of the worst psychological traumas of all, and it is especially horrendous when committed against an innocent child. According to the United...
Kids' Daily Routines
LouAnn Moss
For many children, getting out of school and starting summer break is the best time of the year. This is when they get to go out and play with their family and friends. Normally, it also means they...
kid engineer
As a parent, you find great joy in motivating your child to aspire for greatness and have lofty ambitions for the future. It would excite most parents to see their kids having goals for the future in...
house chores and responsibilities for young kids
Dema JS
One of the most common complaints of most parents is the lack of responsibility of the children. Not only do they not help with household chores, but they also do not fulfill their personal...
teen therapist
Every parent is concerned about the physical fitness of their teens. By the time a child enters adolescence, physical challenges will be fairly obvious. You can see if they are overweight, or too...
stem science for kids
The notion that science is complicated is something that parents can help kids overcome by instilling interest in the subjects through strategic teaching methods. A good starting point is to make...
resp program
If you’ve started looking into registered education savings plans (RESPs), then you’ve made the first step towards securing your child’s educational future. However, what you’...
Keeping Your Family Safe This Summer
LouAnn Moss
Summer means fun but it can also mean injuries. During summer, you and your family play outside, bike, swim, and road trip.All of these fun things include a bit of risk. You can mitigate that risk...
kids soccer
Soccer is loved worldwide and is one of the more common sports children begin playing at a young age. It’s a great way to introduce exercise into your child's life and make new friends and...
baby nursery
Preparing to bring a new baby home can be extremely exciting but also stressful. There are certain things that you should do beforehand and others, less important, that could wait. So how...
For many years, it has been said that attending a 4-year college or university is the only way to obtain a lucrative and successful career; this has been an ongoing debate. As a parent with a...
When getting gifts for kids you may be tempted to get the flashiest, brightest toy in the store. But before you hit the registry just yet, consider what kind of value the toy adds to the child's...
kids mattress
From the moment you first hear their heartbeat, an unbreakable bond is made with your little one. From their first breath to their first time rolling over, you monitor their milestones like a hawk....
kid sleeping on laptop
The idea of a child's optimal bedtime is one of the most controversial parenting topics. Some people think children should sleep for 10-12 hours, while others believe up to 12 hours is too long....