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Expecting Mother

Lauren Penrod is the mother to two poodle mixes and is expecting her first child in November. She was born and raised in Boise, Idaho and spends her free time writing, decorating, and planning too far into the future.

In a society that heavily weighs how a woman looks I have realized that I had fully bought into the notion of typical beauty. I worked out every evening, counted my micro and macro caloric intake, enjoyed outdoor activities, enjoyed wearing sexy lingerie, and put coconut oil in my hair once a week to keep it soft and healthy. At the time I didn’t think my body was perfect, but I was definitely striving for my ideal body. Honestly, I didn’t need to do all of this to keep my body the way it was.
When you’re pregnant the door never goes unopened, people smile when they see your rounding belly, you're making plans for maternity photoshoots with fabulous glow portraits and many stores have an extremely nifty sign in the front parking spaces for “expecting mothers,” reducing the required waddling distance from vehicle to store.
As an expectant mom, the idea of leaving my brand new, sweet little girl in the care of someone else, anyone else, scares me. Will I feel like I had enough one-on-one time with her after 3 short months? Will I be able to sleep enough to wake up for a job? Do I like my career enough to miss out on time with her? Can we financially afford to have one of us stay home if I end up hating this “working mom” thing? And the list goes on.
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