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Special Needs

Psychologist, Author
Anatomy of Addiction

Child Neurologist
Director, Cedars-Sinai

Yes, Your Teen Is Crazy

Neurologist, How Your
Child Learns Best

Psychologist, Power…
Child’s Imagination

Harvard Professor 

Pediatric Neurologist,
Children’s Hospital LA

Self-Injury Foundation
Bodily Harm

Gurian Institute
The Wonder of Boys

Clinical Psychiatrist
Spark: Revolutionary

Psychiatrist, Delivered
From Distraction

Different Learners

Pediatrician, Healing
& Preventing Autism

Parenting…Inside Out

Educational Therapist
Bridges Academy

Pediatrician, Your
Newborn: Head to Toe

Autism Specialist

Senior Editor,

Psychologist, Author, Speaker

Parenting Coach

Child Psychologist

Nowhere to Hide

Therapist, Disarming
the Narcissist

Neuropsychologist Beyond the Label

Clinical Psychologist,

Catherine Mogil, PsyD

Clinical Psychologist
Military Families, UCLA

Behavior Analysis
Swim Instructor

10th Street Pediatrics

Educational Consultant
Strategies For Teaching

Mom, Health Coach
"Medical Advocate"

Dad, Architect
"Son with Asperger's"

Melissa Idelson, OTR/L

Occupational Therapist
Child Success Center

Child Psychiatrist
Otter Creek Assoc.

UCLA Psychiatrist
Anxiety Specialist

Temperament Counselor,"Nurse Rona"

Chinese Medicine
Secrets of Self-Healing

Educational Consultant
LA School Scout

Speech Pathologist
Speech & Language

Anxiety & Divorce

Dad, NAMI Speaker
"Child with Bi-Polar"

Dyslexia & ADD/ADHD

Director of GAIN

Dying To Be Men

Week of Awakening

Special Education
Advisor & Advocate

Clinical Psychologist
Dir. UCLA PEERS Clinic

Mom, Columnist
"Child with Cancer"

Mom, Consultant
"Baby's First Year"

Hyman Katz

Dad, Music Business
"Son With Autism"

Educational Specialist
Kelter Center

Speech Pathologist
Teach2Talk, LLC

Institute Girls Develop

Family Therapist
Teen Issues

Sara Schuelein Perets

Preschool Director
Sunshine Shack

Clinical Psychologist
Learning Differences

Kimberly Wong

Postpartum Activist
Perinatal Mental Health

Mom, Educator
Autism Intervention

Mom, Television Exec.
Got Milf? Modern Moms

Mom, Parent Educator
"NVC & Hand-in-Hand"

Catherine Lacey Dodd

Mom, Photographer
"Special Needs Child"