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National Organizations

Violence Expert
The Gift of Fear

Chef, Author
Lunch Lessons

Education Strategist
Common Sense Media

Founder & President,
Children Of The Night

Maureen Blaha

Executive Director,
Nat’l Runaway Safeline

National President

Father of Polly Klaas
President Klaas Kids

Parents For Window Blind Safety

Strategic Initiatives

Save the Children

American Red Cross

Trauma Specialist
Waking the Tiger

Former CEO S.A.D.D.
Reality Gap

Regional Director of
Common Sense Media

Executive Director, Arcus Foundation

Founder of Momstell
"Drug Abuse Prevention"

Mom, Activist
"Mothers with HIV/AIDS"

Addiction Counselor
Drug Abuse Prevention

Pediatrician, Toxicologist

Brian Pinero

Director National
Dating Abuse Hotline