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Teachers & Educators

Humanist & Child Advocate

Financial Advisor
Financially Fit Kids

Education Strategist
Common Sense Media

Director of CARES
Children's Hospital, LA

Educator, Queen Bees
and Wannabes

Yes, Your Teen Is Crazy

Maureen Blaha

Executive Director,
Nat’l Runaway Safeline

National President

Health Educator for
Planned Parenthood

Father of Polly Klaas
President Klaas Kids

Neurologist, How Your
Child Learns Best

Teach Your Children Well

Sociologist, UCB
Raising Happiness

Hold On To Your Kids

Psychiatrist, Mother
Daughter Project

Preschool Director
Parenting…Inside Out

Self-Injury Foundation
Bodily Harm

Gurian Institute
The Wonder of Boys

Different Learners

Parenting…Inside Out

Educational Therapist
Bridges Academy

Educator, Just Tell
Me What To Say

Clinical Psychologist
Children of Paradise

Freelance Writer

Founder and DirectorCalmer, Easier, Happier Parenting

Documentary Filmmaker

Todd Adams
Zen Parenting Radio

Todd Adams
Zen Parenting Radio

Cathy Cassani Adams
Zen Parenting Radio

Nowhere to Hide

Parenting Editor
Common Sense Media

Art Therapist
Professor, Loyola

Driving Instructor
Crashproof Your Kids

Therapist, Author
Trauma-Proofing Kids

Corky Harvey, MS, RN, IBCLC

Lactation Consultant
The Pump Station

Elementary Teacher
Changing Kids' Lives

Educator, Inside
Transracial Adoption

Therapist, Author
Win the Whining War

Family Therapist
Amen Clinics

Childhood Educator
Parent You Want To Be

Author & Educator
Modern Dad's Dilemma

Lecturer, Standford
Doing School

Executive Director, Arcus Foundation

Educational Consultant
Strategies For Teaching

Manners & Etiquette
Beverly Hills Manners

Mom, Tutor
"Whatever Works"

Adoption Attorney
Academy of Attorneys

Educational Consultant
LA School Scout

Educational Specialist
Founder Team Tutors

Jonathan Nadlman, MFT

Human Development

Amanda Enclade

Mom, Home Educator

Speech Pathologist
Speech & Language

Sleep Consultant
Baby Sleep Solutions

Founder of Momstell
"Drug Abuse Prevention"

Cynthia Epps, MS, IBCLC

Feeding Specialist
Lactation Consultant

Pediatric Dentist
UCLA Dentistry School

Mom, Activist
"Mothers with HIV/AIDS"

Rob Kodama

Dir Marketing &
Admissions, Crespi

Mom, Educator
"Tests & Homework"

Nancy Spigelman

Wonder Years Baby