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Teen Expert
Teen Trouble

Author & Educator
Curse of Good Girl

Psychologist, Author
Anatomy of Addiction

Social Theorist
So Sexy So Soon

Author, Lecturer
A Return to Love

Adolescent Medicine
Director, CHLA

Psychologist, Peaceful
Parent, Happy Kids

Educator, Queen Bees
and Wannabes

Founder & President,
Children Of The Night

Yes, Your Teen Is Crazy

Psychologist, Bullying
Expert, Author

Maureen Blaha

Executive Director,
Nat’l Runaway Safeline

Author of 1001 Things
Every Teen Should Know

National President

Health Educator for
Planned Parenthood

Hank Nuwer

Anti-Hazing Activist
High School Hazing

Psychologist, Big Book
Of Parenting Solutions

Bullying in North
American Schools

Clinical Psychologist
Gender Born…Made

How To Deal

How Girls Thrive

Psychiatrist, Mother
Daughter Project

Self-Injury Foundation
Bodily Harm

Educator, Just Tell
Me What To Say

Pediatrician, Your
Newborn: Head to Toe

Director of Clinical Psychology

FounderChanging The Game Project

Psychologist & Author

Challenging Casanova

Upper School Director
Brentwood School

Driving Instructor
Crashproof Your Kids

Counselor, Author
Ultimate College

Former CEO S.A.D.D.
Reality Gap

Brentwood School

The Teen Project
Punished For Purpose

Mom, Advisor
"Social Networking"

Shepard Kopp, Esq

Criminal Lawyer
2006 Super Lawyer

Native Elder
Strong Heart Resource

Philip Kent Cohen, Esq.

Criminal Lawyer
2008-13 Super Lawyer

Dad, Attorney
"All About Teens"

Therapist, Author
Win the Whining War

Drug Prevention
Not All Kids Do Drugs

Drug Prevention
Not All Kids Do Drugs

Director, Adolescent
Services, CRC Health

Executive Director, Arcus Foundation

Sexual Health Educator
Birds, Bees, YOUR Kids

Child Psychiatrist
Otter Creek Assoc.

Sex Therapist

David Roberts

Certified Public
Accountant, RBZ

Journalist & Author
Secret Lives of Boys

Jonathan Nadlman, MFT

Human Development

UCLA Family Commons

Anxiety & Divorce

Founder of Momstell
"Drug Abuse Prevention"

Director of GAIN

Addiction Counselor
Drug Abuse Prevention

Author & Coach
Balance Your Work

Week of Awakening

Author, Blogger
and College Pundit

Sondra Santos Drahos

Mom, Parent Educator
"Effective Discipline"

Youth Ambassador