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Dad, Doctor
"Divorce Tips"

Derreck Kayongo

CNN Top-10 Hero
Global Soap Project

Alejandro Edda

Dad, Actor
"Young Father"

Todd Adams
Zen Parenting Radio

Host/EP Survivor

Author of Stranded

Songwriter & Producer

Two the Documentary

TV Host
Home & Family

Actor, Guide to
Sustainable Living

Father, Dadsaster
"Stay-At-Home Dad"

Blogger, Author
Two Kisses for Maddie

Dad, Blogger
"Mocha Dad"

Blogger, Author
Dad or Alive

Ron Sorensen

Dad, Photographer
"The Kids are Alright"

George Monroy

Father of Caine
Caine's Arcade

Dad, Attorney
"All About Teens"

Dad, Writer
"Travel with Kids"

Dad, Lawyer

Dad, Architect
"Son with Asperger's"

Dad, Attorney
"Transracial Adoption"

Dad, Director
"Sports & Childcare"

Steven Kiralla

Dad, Environmentalist
"Green Gardening"

Dad, Blogger
"Death of a Child"

Blogger, Author
The Expectant Father

Dad, NAMI Speaker
"Child with Bi-Polar"

Rob Kodama

Dir Marketing &
Admissions, Crespi

Dad, "The Guncles"
"Gay Dad Adoption"

Scout Masterson

Dad, "The Guncles"
"Gay Dad Adoption"

Hyman Katz

Dad, Music Business
"Son With Autism"

Magnus Hellberg

Dad, Realtor
"Hold On For Dear Life!"

Sinjin Smith

Volleyball Hall Fame

Rob Morrow

Dad, Actor

Blogger, Author
Real Dad Rules

Geoff Wells

Dad, Attorney
"Travel Ball Coach"

Dad, Businessman
The Change Maker

Dad, Photographer
"Child with Disabilities"

"Being Mr. Mom"

Tim Wheeler

Dad, Attorney
"Fair & Equal"

Chris Rice

Dad, Investor
"Gay Dad Adoption"