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Child on a Spectrum
Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a developmental condition that may cause considerable social, behavioral, and communication challenges. Spectrum refers to the varying skills, symptoms, and extents of impairments that people with ASD display. ASD affects how children interact and communicate with others, and the child’s symptoms can be anywhere on the spectrum. How does ASD affect communication in children?
Dental Illnesses
The 2016 Global Burden of Disease Study estimated that diseases of the mouth affected 50 percent of the world’s population (around 3.58 billion people). Going by assessments, the most prevalent condition was dental caries (aka tooth decay) in permanent teeth. Teenage children and toddlers are the demographic with the highest risk of harboring life-threatening illnesses.
child with lgb train playing
Play time is essential for your kids’ learning and development. The frequency of playing and the toys they use while playing can help them develop important skills that they will need in life. Through play, kids’ motor skills, muscles, and emotions are developed over time.
 Sleep Problems
As a busy mom, good, restful sleep is vital. However, for a variety of reasons, you may not be getting the quality of sleep you need. Perhaps you’re being woken up several times a night by a young infant or energetic child, which you could remedy by trading off each night with your partner. Or maybe you wake up after a few hours of sleeping and find that you just can’t shut your brain off from spewing out ideas for work projects. In this case, maybe a sleeping pill or an herbal relaxation remedy would be a good solution to help you get back to sleep faster.
Superfoods on a plate
One look at Michelle Lewin’s Instagram profile, and you immediately gain a new perspective of the term “toned”. The world has become positively obsessed with health and fitness, and more people are finally starting to make meaningful changes to their lifestyle. Alas, introducing healthy habits is no easy endeavor. If you’re wondering how to tone your body and swap those unhealthy choices for smarter, healthier ones, you should first look to your menu. After all, a toned, lean, healthy look is the result of hard work, ample energy, and a wholesome diet.
Child Proofing Electrical Outlets
Kids want to know how things work. Electrical outlets, the primary source of power throughout the home, present a conundrum: conveniently placed for easy access, treacherously positioned well within reach of crawling infants and curious toddlers. Top parenting priority: Protect yourself and family from the many dangers both in and out of the house. Baby proofing electrical outlets cannot be skipped. Most of us know this. Take control of electrical safety for your family and for your home. Get Serious About Childproofing Electrical Outlets
mom and daughter shopping online
Welcome to the future, where you can buy literally anything you want and have it arrive at your front door in 48 hours or less. For busy parents, this is a godsend. Last-minute birthday gift? Prime it. First day of school outfit? Prime it. Classroom goodie bags? Prime it. But as convenient as it is to Prime our lives away, this approach has a damaging dark side. When we choose the most convenient, most affordable option, you could be supporting unethical labor practices, wasteful manufacturing and pollution.
Latin is no longer a dead language. It's one that's still found in many industries today. Especially if you work in any field related to science, history, religion, and law. There are many terms, phrases, and ideologies in Latin. In your career in general, it's beneficial to learn a second language. Some of the most common options are Mandarin, Spanish, and French. Having a second language in your resume can help improve your career prospects in so many ways. And now, Latin can be a good option as well. Here's why: 1. It Can Sharpen Your Mind
Home Upgrades for Kids
Having kids changes things. Before you had kids you likely had a nice, quiet, and ordered home. This won’t be the case for long. As your kids get older, they are going to take over more and more of the house. To accommodate them, it’s a good idea to make some key upgrades inside and outside your home. Doing so can not only make your home more enjoyable for both you and your kids, but it can make it safer too. With that in mind, here are 5 upgrades you should consider making to your home if you have kids. Add in a Tankless Water Heater


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