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smart home tech
Many people have a negative attitude towards technology. It’s a common viewpoint that humans have become too reliant on technology and that it’s having a horrible impact on our mental health, our relationships and overall day-to-day productivity. There is some truth to this belief, but this is not at the fault of the technology itself!
teaching kid to wash dishes
As your children grow, it’s quite likely that you want to get them doing chores. Chores will help them learn how working feels, teaching them values and benefits of work, whilst also understanding more about growing up and looking after a home themselves. This may sound like a lot, but a small number of chores can go a long way in a young child’s development.
bad breath toddler
Having a bout of bad breath every once in a while isn’t exclusive to toddlers, even though it can sometimes seem like an ongoing problem. Every child is different, and that means that every child’s health needs to be dealt with on an individual level. Regardless of what your child’s opinion on brushing and flossing happens to be, it’s important no matter what that you take care of your child’s health, and that involves your child’s oral hygiene as well as aspects of their traditional physical health.
Golden Birthday Party
We celebrate birthdays every year, but your golden birthday only comes once in a lifetime. It is a special day to celebrate traditionally with lots of gold-themed items. You can decorate by hanging golden balls, setting a golden snowflake dining set, or even having a golden birthday cake.
postpartum depression
Studies show that postpartum depression affects 14% of women in the year after giving birth. However, experts believe PPD is much more common than statistics reveal because many women never receive diagnosis or treatment. This statistic doesn’t account for women who miscarry or have stillbirths, either. Subsequently, there could be at least twice as many cases of PPD than what is being reported.
back to school tips
Schools provide an environment for kids to learn academically and develop critical social skills. It’s also a place to have fun, but some children may not look forward to the early morning bus rides and hours of sitting still. Parents can use these eight tips to prepare for the school year and get everyone excited about their upcoming classes.
kid planting
As we head further into the 21st Century, sustainability has become the new trend of the emerging generation of future leaders. From dominating Upcycled TikTok hauls to a greater representation within the global media, being environmentally friendly has become the new cool. As our little ones continue to grow up in a post-pandemic landscape, new figures suggest that they are statistically more inclined to care about the environment.
Buying a Car for kids
Is your child persistent in asking you to buy them a kid’s car? Kiddie cars are popular child-friendly electronic-powered vehicles. Because children are naturally curious about their environment, your little one might request a kid’s car on their birthday or any special occasion to try and emulate what they see around them. 
Crib Sheets
‘How many do I need?’ This is a very common statement in many new parents' conversations. How many mittens should I get? How many pacifiers are too many? How many boxes of diapers should I get? And now that the crib has already been set up in the nursery, you are wondering just how many crib sheets you will need for your new bundle of joy. You might have a rough idea of what to expect and how many will be enough if you have older kids. 
child with poor vision
When children are at school, they can often undergo specialist testing for their health and their educational levels. The latter are great, offering a good idea of where your child is in terms of their learning and what you might need to do next, whether that’s to work on various aspects of their education at home, call in additional help, or think about what steps you might take next (if any) if they are exceeding expectations.


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